Downsizing: How to Adjust to Apartment Living

Downsizing: How to Adjust to Apartment Living

Downsizing is a great way to get you prepared for a move. It’s especially important when it comes to moving into an apartment, the square footage of which is likely smaller than your previous space. You should give yourself plenty of time to declutter and pace yourself, going room by room, so you don’t feel overwhelmed throughout the process. Likely, your end goal is to bring your things into a new space and make it feel like home. Here are some tips for downsizing and adjusting to apartment living.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Downsizing and moving into a new apartment could bring up various emotions, especially because this transition often means giving up a larger place and parting with some valuable items. Whether you feel stressed, excited, sad, or uncertain, that’s okay! You can ask yourself some questions to guide you through this mindset and make it a more positive process. Why are you downsizing, for instance? What opportunities will this move create? Maybe you’ll be closer to friends and family, or perhaps it will be easier on your finances. Focusing on the good things will help you feel energized and optimistic about this new stage in life. 

Measure Out Your New Space

Part of reducing the number of items you own is tied to the smaller space you will be living in. Take time to go through with a tape measurer and notebook so you can identify the specific measurements of the new area you are working with. This ensures your existing furniture can fit. Measuring also gives you a chance to get rid of what you don’t need, such as a dining room table or oversized chair. You can determine the new items you’ll require so you can make thoughtful purchases and still feel like you are making this new apartment your own.

Unpack Thoughtfully

Getting accustomed to your new space, such as seeing where things will fit and how you want to organize them, is part of moving in. Start with unpacking your bedroom — it will be a calm and serene place for you to relax from the big move. As for the other areas of the apartment, give yourself a timeline to unpack the rest of your belongings, whether it’s three days or spread over a week. It will give you time to appreciate the effort you put into downsizing.

Decorate it to Feel Like Home

Although you are likely getting rid of some collectables and knick-knacks, there is still room for your unique design preferences and personality in a new space. Make corners and shelves feel like your own with items that feel like home to you. If you have a collection, ensure you only bring the favourites to have on display. You can also choose a wall to designate as a “you” wall, where you hang the collectables you’re proud of, whether you have paintings, souvenirs, or vinyl records. Ensure you use colours and patterns you love to complete the look. 

Talk to Other People

Downsizing can sometimes come with uncertainty if you’re used to living in bigger spaces. Talk to friends or family who’ve made this same move to gauge how they dealt with it. Ask for their wisdom. What worked? What would they change if placed in this situation again? Hearing their reflections can help you decide what might work for you and what you should avoid.

Invite Your Favourite People Over

After settling into your new apartment, invite friends and family to see the new space. This is a great way to make your place feel lively and homey and bring you a sense of accomplishment. Whether you have a movie night, dinner party, or casual daytime get-together in the living room, having your favourite people around can show you just how much you can do with a smaller space! 

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