Six Tips to Optimize Your Apartment for Your Dog

Six Tips to Optimize Your Apartment for Your Dog

Having furry friends around is one of life’s simplest pleasures. If you live in an apartment or are considering moving, you can do some things to ensure the comfort of you and your pup. For example, look for pet-friendly rentals near parks and outdoor spaces while hunting for your next place. With that tip in mind, here are six other ways to optimize your apartment for your dog. 

Create a Comfortable Haven

The best way to keep your pup happy and comfortable is to create a welcoming space they can claim as their own. Decide on a spot in your apartment that is out of the way of foot traffic and place a comfortable bed suitable for your dog’s size, a food and water bowl, and lots of toys to keep them happy.

Keep Food and Snacks Sealed

Ensure food and treats stay fresh by keeping them sealed. This also avoids bug infestations and prevents your furry friend from poking around when they’re not supposed to. The same rule applies to human food, especially those poisonous for dogs, like chocolate, raisins, and grapes. Keep these sealed and stored away, preferably on a high shelf, for your peace of mind.

Decorate Your Apartment as a Dog Owner

It’s no secret that even the best-trained pooches can cause some damage. Keep this in mind as you plan your decor and furniture. Invest in furniture that you would be okay seeing scratched up or weathered. Additionally, valuable and fragile items should be stored on high shelves or guarded in cabinets or closets.

Hide Your Trash Cans

Pups love digging through trash, especially when they can sniff out last night’s leftovers. That’s why storing your bins securely in closet spaces or underneath your kitchen sink is essential. If your apartment does not have room for this, buy waste containers with tightly fitted lids. Additionally, taking the garbage out with you anytime you leave the house is a good routine to have.

Set up a Station at Your Front Door

Similar to the way you’d set up hooks for coats or holders for keys, set up a station near your front door to store all of your dog’s outing necessities like leashes, jackets, and poop bags. This provides convenient access to everything you need to take them out for a walk. It is also a good idea to keep a towel in this area to wipe them down after a muddy day in the rain.

Use Crates or Room Dividers

When you’re gone, your pup may bark loudly at the door and disturb your neighbours or get restless and damage your furniture or personal belongings. To avoid this, use a crate or baby gate to keep them in an area where they are least likely to make a mess. Don’t forget to leave them lots of food, water, and toys so they have everything they need until you return.
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