How to Upgrade Your Small Apartment with Functional Design

How to Upgrade Your Small Apartment with Functional Design

Living in a smaller apartment can be an ideal choice for numerous reasons. You can easily keep your place organized and cozy, allowing plenty of unique design opportunities. Even when your space is tight, there are many creative ways to spruce up your interior and make your place full of character. However, before rearranging and picking out colours, fixtures, and furniture, here are some general rules of thumb to guide you when revamping a tight interior:

  • Designs that draw eyes upward give the illusion of height.
  • Optimizing natural light creates airiness.
  • Lighter, neutral colours make a space look bigger.
  • Functional storage is your best friend. 

With that, let’s dig into some of our top tips for your small apartment upgrade.

Update Your Walls and Ceilings

While painting may not always be allowed when renting, you can try self-adhesive wallpaper. Adding attractive wallpaper to your ceiling can create the illusion that it is higher because it draws your eyes upwards. Vertical accents on walls, like stripes, also emphasize height. Try to stick to lighter shades of the same colour when deciding on hues. Unifying your colour scheme can contribute to an airy-looking space.

Change Your Furniture

One of the best ways to tackle small apartment upgrades is to get creative with your furniture. Sofa beds are great ways to get multiple functions out of one item in your apartment. Since storage is often limited, try to find coffee tables, side tables, and chairs with hidden compartments for your belongings. Clear pieces like dining tables and desks can make your place appear larger because light can freely pass through them. 

You can also create a more functional space by dividing your room into sections with your furniture. For example, placing a couch at an angle in the corner of a room can give you extra room behind it for storage. Additionally, pulling furniture away from the wall can create the illusion of spaciousness.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Giant overhead lighting can direct attention downward and make any apartment seem smaller. Placing lots of lamps in the corners of your place is a neat way to focus attention in different spots to make your space appear roomier.

Try keeping windows uncovered, which can bring natural light and airiness into any area. If you prefer window treatments, you can use blinds and keep them open during the day.

Find Functional Items

Mirrors reflect light and make your place feel larger than it is. You can create the illusion of depth by placing them across windows, couches, or in an open space. Finding mirrors that open for storage is another great way to achieve functionality.

Floating shelves allow your walls to appear open while providing a suitable place to display your belongings. Installing them higher on the wall draws eyes upward and gives the impression of a higher ceiling.

Make Your Space Your Own

Now that you have the tricks to design for small apartments, you can finally make your place your own by adding touches that reflect your character. If you’re apartment hunting and looking to practice these tips, we at CLV Group and InterRent REIT can help you find the apartment of your dreams. Check out our listings to start your search today!


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