Tips for Finding a Roommate When You’re Over 50

Tips for Finding a Roommate When You’re Over 50

If you’ve ever watched The Golden Girls, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “hey, it looks like fun to be sharing a home as a slightly older person with a roommate,” and you’d be right! As time goes on, the children move out and create their own lives, or in the event of an individual not being in a relationship, there’s every reason to consider finding a roomie to share your home with. But how do you find a roommate when you’re over 50?

To aid you in your search, here are a few handy tips to consider.

What Age Range Are You Comfortable with?

If you’re in your fifties or beyond, you might not want a roommate who is much younger. This isn’t to say that older and younger folks don’t get along or shouldn’t share a life together, of course, but there is a matter of maturity. Someone too young might be into parties, not be as clean or organized, and could even have personality traits that directly conflict with your own. The same goes if you have a roommate who is several years – even decades – older than you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to develop a deeper understanding of what age range you tend to be most comfortable with. 

What’s the Area Like?

The neighbourhood surrounding the property that you wish to share may or may not be appealing to certain demographics. For example, if you’re seeking a middle-aged roommate or older, they may prefer hassle-free access to various amenities to reduce the distance they need to travel as they get older. Alternatively, younger folks may become bored or frustrated living in a neighbourhood without activities or entertainment options that aren’t a short drive or walk away. Consider whether you’d want to move to the area in question from elsewhere in your town or city, which may make it easier to help narrow down options.

Clear, Easy-to-Follow Ads In-Person and Online

While sharing a listing or want ad is easier than ever online, if you’re over 50, you’ll likely miss out on folks closer to your age if that’s all you do. In addition to posting online, you should also print out ads with contact details to post on local bulletin boards. These are usually found in grocery stores, post offices, rec centres, and sometimes even places like pharmacies. 

What Won’t You Tolerate, and What Do You Require?

If you need a roommate who can reliably cover half of the rent every month in addition to part of the utilities, then you should spell this out in detail in your ad or listing. Be sure to double-check when interviewing potential roommates, just to be safe. Speaking of which, interviewing in a public place away from your home is crucial for your safety – get to know folks in more detail before you let them in so that they’re no longer strangers! 

In addition, are there habits, such as smoking or drinking, that you won’t tolerate? Again, you should be clear and firm with these requirements. The same goes for pet permissions, especially if you have allergies or live in a building where pet ownership is strictly regulated or banned.

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