What to Consider When Searching for a New Roommate

What to Consider When Searching for a New Roommate

In a shared household, roommates often decide at some point to move out. During this time, you will need to find a new one. There are many aspects to take into account, such as their personality or spending habits, to determine whether they’d be a good match. 

Here is a list of six things you should take into consideration when looking for a new roommate.  

Assess their Lifestyle

First, consider the lifestyle of the person you might be living with. Find out whether they work strange hours and would interfere with your sleep cycle, food preferences and whether they have any allergies, habits such as whether they smoke or drink, pets that live with them (if any), and whether you share any hobbies or interests. You don’t need to have the same way of life as them, of course, but you will need to determine whether your style of living can be compatible with theirs. 

Get to Know Your Roommate 

If you are new to the city, maybe you want a roommate who will introduce you to their circle of friends at dinner. Or, perhaps you simply need someone to cover half of the bills for the unit. It is important to be clear about your expectations when looking for a roommate in advance. 

Keeping Your Home Clean

Depending on who you ask, the definition of clean will vary from person to person. Some will see it as sweeping a home every day, while others will be okay with a quick vacuuming every couple of weeks. Alternatively, some folks may be okay with piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen while keeping their bedroom tidy. It is important that you and your potential new roommate(s) understand what it means to keep a clean home, as you don’t want to stress each other out or clash due to personality conflicts.


When considering a roommate, you need to ensure they can handle financial responsibilities within the home. Try asking them questions regarding their knowledge of budgeting. Take a look at their body language and see if they are uncomfortable talking about money and/or unsure about their financial security. These findings should only be used to determine whether you can count on them to cover their share of the bills and rent. 

Guests and Sharing the Space

Another aspect you should take into consideration is guests. When looking for a new roommate, ask them about their preference when it comes to hosting guests and/or romantic partners. If you enjoy having friends and family over, ensure that your new roommate does as well, and that you’re comfortable with sharing the space while respecting each others’ privacy. Also, if you are in a relationship, see if they are okay with your significant other staying over or not. 

Resolving Conflicts

It is common that you will face interpersonal and practical challenges when you live with someone. Whether you are dealing with house guests or conflict with friends, a person’s history of dealing with difficult situations can reveal how they will deal with disputes in the future. Try to get an idea of how they handled pressure or conflict with others.

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