Working from Home? Here are 6 Productivity Tips

Working from Home Productivity Tips

A majority of us have had to adjust to a work from home environment during the past few years. This sudden change was initially challenging to say the least, even for those who were already working remotely prior to the pandemic. Continuing to juggle family life with work and everything in between can take a toll, and it can prevent us from being as productive as we need to be. 

Even if you are a permanent remote worker, it is important to take your daily well-being into account. If this sounds familiar, here are a few productivity tips to help you stay motivated and focused.

Get Dressed Every Day

Though it can be tempting to linger in your comfy clothes while working from home, the simple act of getting dressed can help to switch your mindset from slumpy, sleepy mode to work mode. This doesn’t mean you need to dress formally, but wearing something that’s a blend of comfortable and professional for video conferences will help you feel more confident and ready for the day.

Create a Proper Work Space

Working from the couch or your bed is never a good way to stay focused and productive. It can also cause problems for your spine and neck if you aren’t sitting properly while staring at your screen. It’s important to separate your workspace from your relaxation space so you can get your mind and body focused. If you have been working from either of these areas, ensure you choose a dedicated workspace. Set up a desk in a corner somewhere quiet or even on the kitchen table if you’re limited, and try to organize it so when you sit down, you feel ready to get down to business. Ensure you have everything you need within reach like a printer, notebook, and/or headphones so that you feel settled and equipped to take on each day.

Create a Schedule the Day Before

During periods of chaos, having a routine is essential to avoid falling into a slump. Before each work day, set up your schedule and go over your priorities so you know exactly what to do once your alarm goes off the next morning. Try mapping out days of the week that you will accomplish certain tasks, like laundry or meal prepping, so you don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much at a time.

Carve Out Quiet Time for Yourself in the Morning

Whether you’re in a relationship or have a family, having personal time for yourself is essential, especially when working from home where you aren’t leaving the house to travel to the office. That’s why we recommend carving out some personal time each morning. This could mean setting your alarm a little earlier so you can enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, or meditating so you can clear and calm your mind before starting your day. This can greatly improve your mood and your ability to concentrate.

Take Frequent Breaks

Working from home can present a whole slew of challenges, especially if you have to balance family obligations or share your workspace with roommates. To avoid burnout, ensure you take frequent breaks each day. These can be as simple as taking a lap around your apartment, or a trip to the fridge to grab yourself a drink before heading back to your computer. 

It’s important that your eyes also get a break from staring at a screen all day. Try practicing the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, stare at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Go Outside

Not giving yourself time and space to recharge ultimately results in you being unproductive. Self care has truly become an integral part of overall well-being, forcing us to consider our mental health as important as our physical health. To take care of yourself, schedule in time to get outside every single day. Taking a stroll in nature can help to calm our mind, lower our stress, boost our energy levels, and contribute to a great sense of wellness. Consider sitting in the garden or the park and taking some deep, calming breaths so you can feel grounded and at peace.

Often, having a dedicated workspace in the place we call home can make all the difference when it comes to productivity. It can also help to be close to green space and amenities that keep us feeling our best. At CLV Group and InterRent REIT, each of our available rentals is comfortable, stylish, and serene, making productivity possible even in the most stressful times. Our blog has plenty of tips and great articles to help you settle into your new space and have it feel like home. If you’re looking for a spacious apartment or townhome that will allow you to accommodate a home office space, browse our listings or contact us, we’ll help you find the perfect place.


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