8 Clever Ways to Maximize a Small Kitchen Space

Smaller kitchens can be cute and charming, a space in your home or apartment that’s perfect for you to cook your favourite meals or put your baking skills to the test. But they can also be frustrating when you’re limited on storage and counter space, causing dishes to pile up quickly and making a fun afternoon recipe stressful. Luckily, there are many simple hacks that can help you efficiently maximize your kitchen to work best for your needs. Refresh your small kitchen space with these eight simple tips below.

Get Rid of the Excess

The best way to get the most out of any small space, including the kitchen, is to find a home for items that never get used. Pick a day to sort through all of your kitchenware and keep a box handy to place any items that rarely see the light of day. By eliminating the excess like extra dishes, glassware, pots and pans, or kitchen utensils that don’t see much use, you’ll be able to keep everything easily organized. That way, you can find what you need more efficiently, and increase your available storage capacity. 

Install Hooks on Cupboard Doors

If you’re limited on cupboard space and there’s nowhere to store your favourite collection of mugs, a simple solution is to install hooks on the doors or under a shelf and hang your mugs from there. Maximizing the space you have opens up the possibilities of smart storage solutions. You could also do the same thing for wine glasses, for instance, placing them on display by hanging them under a cabinet.

Use a Cutting Board that Fits Over the Sink

Not having enough counter space is one of the most common problems with smaller kitchens. However, you can easily solve this by getting a cutting board that can fit over the sink. This removes stress and difficulties when cooking a meal that includes multiple steps, and it can double up as extra counter space to use when needed.

Use Jars to Store Bulk Items

If you have exposed shelves or a pantry, consider storing your items in jars. This way, you can keep everything neat, labelled, and organized. You can easily fit a certain amount of jars in a space that once held multiple different sizes of boxes or bags. Plus, it’s a cute way to place them on display without making your kitchen look messy or chaotic. 

Install a Rack for Pots

Utilize vertical space in your kitchen and throughout your apartment. Similar to the hook idea for mugs, taking up vertical space allows you more storage options. For example, over top of the sink is an ideal place to install a pot rack. This keeps pots out of the way yet still within reach, and as soon as they are washed, they can be out of the way and hung dry.

Use Risers

Risers were specifically made to provide additional space inside cabinets. By having an elevated platform, you find exactly what you need without having to move everything around. They’re also a great way to make your organized goodies more visually appealing!

Opt for a Mounted Dish Rack

The dish rack can be a major space hog and can consume what little counter space you have. Instead of using one that needs to be placed on the counter, use a mounted dish rack that can be placed above the sink. It’s a worthy purchase that will free up extra counter space, and it allows dishes to drip-dry with ease so you won’t have any excess wiping to do.

Use a Folding Kitchen Table to Double as a Counter

Folding kitchen tables are ideal for smaller spaces. These can be wall-mounted and easily pulled down when it’s time to make use of them, much like a murphy bed. Even better, you can use it as additional counter space for prepping meals. Since you can fold it back into the wall after, it won’t take up any additional floor space, making it convenient and effective.

Smaller kitchens are often a staple of apartment living, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on space or features. It’s rather an opportunity to get creative with what you have! 

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