Five Tips on Hosting an Apartment Friendly Party

Five Tips on Hosting an Apartment Friendly Party

Hosting is an exciting opportunity to have your friends and family over and show off your party skills. Whether you are gathering for a specific occasion or just a fun Saturday afternoon, apartment-friendly gatherings are just as big of an undertaking as any other get-together. Here are our top five tips on how to prepare for and host a party to be talked about for years to come:

Move Furniture Around

Your suite is likely optimized as a space for just you to enjoy and live in. While it might be easy for you to move around and access the things you need, adding five or ten people could create congestion and make people uncomfortable. Move your furniture against walls and try to create ample space so people can mingle easily. Ensure a clear path to the front door, the bathroom, and the kitchen, as these are the places likely to see the most movement.

Dual-Purpose Pieces

It doesn’t make sense for you to buy an extra-long dining table or larger sofa for just one party. Take stock of the furniture you already have and consider using it more thoughtfully. Pillows don’t just have to be accent pieces, they can provide a comfy and designated place to sit. Use your sideboard or media unit as a makeshift bar so drinks are made in a central place. Coffee and end tables can be used as bistro tables to place napkins, drink cups, and plates.

Focus Your Menu

Plan out the food you will be serving ahead of time, finger foods and buffet-style options allow guests to graze and sit or stand while eating without the formality of a sit-down dinner. Decide if you will be asking guests to bring any dishes and whether you will need space in the fridge or the oven. As the host, stick to tried and true recipes you know are crowd-pleasers. Place bowls of snack food all around the room so there is ample access for guests no matter where they are.

Create Ambience

Decorations might be difficult to incorporate, given your limited space and already designated areas for mingling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create the right vibe for your party. For example, put together a playlist or ask guests to add to one you have created so everyone can enjoy the music. Set out blankets and extra pillows for guests who like to get cozy. Finally, make sure the lighting isn’t too harsh by having multiple lamps or string lights dotted throughout the space for a soft glow.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Inviting friends and family to an event can quickly turn into a stressful experience. But it is a party, you should be able to enjoy yourself. Ensure you have planned out the day ahead of time, and finished prep work like cleaning and food so you aren’t rushing the day of. On the day of the party, complete the finishing touches and have a loose timeline so the party feels on track. As the host, it’s likely that if you are having fun, so will your guests.

Throwing a party in your suite can be so rewarding. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtful touches and will look forward to seeing your space. At CLV Group, we offer our residents the highest level of quality when it comes to the place they call home. Contact us to learn more about our locations and available suites.


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