Which is Better: Furnished or Unfurnished Apartments?

Which is Better: Furnished or Unfurnished Apartments?

Debating between furnished versus unfurnished apartments? The reality is, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. But the best decision comes down to personal preferences, needs, and budget. The best way to solve this debate is to assess the pros and cons of each, which we’ve outlined below to help you.

Pros of Furnished Apartments

Save Time and Effort

Though the price of furnished apartments will be higher, many people consider it worth the extra cost if they don’t already own furnishings. This way, they won’t have to go out and spend the time, energy and money selecting and buying furniture and other items they’ll need. 

Ideal for Temporary Housing

Furnished apartments can be ideal for those who are looking for somewhere to live on a temporary basis, or who aren’t entirely clear on their timeframe for remaining in a certain location. This option can be convenient if you want to explore what it’s like living in different neighbourhoods or want the opportunity to move in with less hassle.

Target Markets

Since furnished apartments generally cost more, they tend to have a higher target market that usually entails young professionals. However, students can also be a common target market when they need temporary housing during school. So it’s good to keep this in mind when deciding.

Cons of Furnished Apartments

Short Term Leases

If you’re looking for a long-term lease that comes furnished, it could be challenging to find. As mentioned, these types of apartments are typically geared for people who are more transitory which means the leases will often be on a short-term basis.

Liable for Damage

Furnished apartments can also require tenants to be responsible for damages and repairs caused on the rented premises. So this should be something to consider for your budget as the chances of damaging furniture that belongs to the landlord increases. This can also add more stress to your living situation and require more caution to avoid causing any damage or wear and tear. 

Storing Your Items

You might need to incur additional storage fees if you have some pieces of furniture or belongings that won’t fit in the apartment. This can also increase your monthly costs.

Pros of Unfurnished Apartments

Cheaper Rent

For those who have a smaller budget, unfurnished apartments will come with cheaper rent. You also won’t have to pay for higher security deposits as you do with furnished. So, if you already own furniture, it’s the smarter and more affordable way to go.

Freedom to Decorate

Unfurnished apartments give you more control and freedom to decorate the place and make it feel like your home. And since you own everything included, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

 Long-Term Options

Moving your furniture into a new place isn’t exactly an easy process, which is why unfurnished have typically long-term leases. Aside from being more convenient, it’s also easier to find more options since landlords generally prefer to have a stable and steady source of income.

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