7 Low Maintenance Plants for Your Living Space

Want to spruce up your apartment with some greenery but don’t have much of a green thumb? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options that are super easy to keep alive, even if they’re a little neglected. Here are some low maintenance plants for your living space to consider.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is one of the most popular for apartments because it has vibrant, green vertical leaves that are beautiful, and it’s also very hands-off. This plant actually benefits from being a bit dry which means you don’t have to stress if you forget to water it. It’s quite resilient and will grow well in limited sunlight.


People are obsessed with succulents because they’re incredibly versatile with many unique varieties to choose from. They’re also the perfect plant to prop up on a shelf, windowsill or just about anywhere that needs a pop of colour. Since these originate in very dry, arid environments, they are very low maintenance and barely need watering. Overwatering can actually kill them, so if you snag a few of these, be sure to only water them a few times per month or so.


If you’re missing those beach vacations, the monstera plant can bring some of those tropical vibes into your home. Their big and broad green leaves are a cheerful addition to any space and they can tolerate low light environments. They also thrive in humidity and only need to be watered once the surface of the soil feels dry to touch.

Parlor Palm

Another sunny addition is the parlour palm, ideal for any bare corner that gets a decent amount of sunlight. It’s quite adaptable so it will adjust to lower lighting too. A misting spray is better for watering this plant, but avoid overwatering. It does better when it’s a tad dry.


This plant is minimalistic, modern and so handy to have during the summer for soothing sun burns. It makes a great centrepiece for the coffee table or any area with indirect sunlight. It benefits from deep watering on an infrequent basis. So all you need to do is give it a good watering every week or so. And if you do end up with a sun burn, just break a piece of it open and place the aloe gel onto your skin.


Whether you choose English Ivy or Devil’s Ivy, both are beautiful when they cascade down from a shelf or windowsill. You can also train them to grow along a wall. They grow fast, need a brightly lit space, and prefer to be kept on the slightly drier side. So before you water it, test the soil to make sure it’s dry first.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants can grow very tall but can easily be cut back to maintain the right height. It grows well in both direct sunlight or shadier spots. It does prefer some shade so if you have it, place it there. Water it once a week once the soil is dry.

ZZ Plant

Known otherwise as Zamioculcas zamiifolia, this beautiful, cheerful plant first began circulating internationally in the late nineties. And ever since, it’s been a mainstay of any easy-to-maintain plant room! It’s known for its wide leaves, which taper at the ends and appear in a stunning dark green hue. It’s also a handy-dandy air scrubber, helping to keep your home clean and healthy! The only thing to bear in mind is not to keep this plant near pets or children, as it is poisonous. You should actually wash your hands after handling it, just as a precaution.

Ponytail Palm

The lovely ponytail palm is renowned for its long, wispy leaves that flow like elegant locks of hair. It’s also technically a succulent and a member of the Agave family. You might have heard this referred to as the “elephant foot” tree or something to that effect. With its thick and plump trunk, which is capable of storing ample water, it’s remarkably easy to look after and loves a good sunning (just be sure that it’s not exposed directly to excess heat to protect those leaves). 


Want something windy and fun? A pretty potted pothos packs plenty of personality (say that five times fast). Easy to look after and drawn to any rooms with natural light, they don’t need high humidity to flourish. Keep up with regular waterings – they can be thirsty little guys – and watch them slowly explore your home as they trail out of the pot. They look beautiful in woven or hanging baskets, and we recommend finding a nice trellis for them to grapple onto.

Looking for an apartment or townhome with an abundance of natural light? Contact us to find the perfect place for you and your plants to call home. Did you know that, as a resident, you have access to events and resources? We recently hosted a virtual balcony garden class to learn all about what types of plants and how to grow them on a balcony!


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