Ways to Save Energy Costs this Winter CLV Group Property Management

Looking to save on energy costs this winter? Whether you live in a CLV Group apartment or townhome, we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to help you save this winter. Let’s fire through them in a straightforward manner so you can make quick note of them.

Ensure the Dishwasher is Full Before You Run It

Fewer loads can mean overall less water and hydro consumption. Try to streamline your dishwasher use and keep it to a minimum!

Not in Use? Shut it Off.

Remember to always turn off and/or unplug lighting before going to bed or leaving your home. This is important because many electrical devices tend to continually siphon energy from the grid even when not in use.

Ventilation Protection

Keep your air vents clear of furniture and appliances so that air can circulate more efficiently. This is important for regulating indoor temperatures, relative humidity, and circulation (avoiding particulate buildup).

Open Your Drapes and Blinds on a Sunny Day

Take advantage of natural sunlight – and the heat it generates – by letting it enter your home. This can reduce heating requirements on bright, sunny days even during the winter time, especially if your home is south-facing. 

Be Patient While Waiting for Your Home to Heat Up

Depending on the size of your unit and/or building, it might take longer than expected to heat each room up sufficiently. If you suspect problems with the furnace, baseboard heaters or otherwise, get in touch with your landlord. 

Unplug Electronics When You Are Not Using Them

From phone chargers to old freezers that are nearly empty, take the time to minimize the number of items that are plugged in. Some don’t make sense to unplug, such as the TV or fridge, so focus on those that aren’t everyday essentials. 

Use Rugs to Suppress Noise and Increase Warmth

Rugs not only help insulate your floors but help cut down on noise as well. Wool rugs are a great option for this reason, plus they make a room cozier and warmer. If you have a chilly home office or living room, it’s a great solution (as well as an energy-efficient space heater with a built-in thermostat).

Buy a Humidifier or a Few House Plants to Help Add Moisture to the Air

Keeping your indoor relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent is good for your health, wellness, the materials within your home (especially woods), and airborne infection control. Don’t overlook it! Our recommendation is a cool mist humidifier that has a built-in and reliable hygrometer (ideally one with a top-fill function so you won’t dread maintaining it). Great plants to help you out in this way include snake plants, which can be found just about everywhere.

Avoid Heating Unused Rooms by Closing the Doors

This is a good way to use your heating sparingly while ensuring occupied spaces are comfortable.

Bundle Up!

 Invest in flannel or fleece sheets to help you stay warm.

Want more tips on how to stay warm without running to the thermostat? We can help! Get in touch with us at CLV Group today or view our available apartments for rent.


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