Why You Should Go With a Property Management Group

Property management is about bringing peace of mind through professionalism, expertise and extended services to tenants in a number of ways.
Why You Should Go With a Property Management Group

When looking for an apartment to rent, one of the first considerations you should make is to decide whether or not you want a property that is owned and operated by an individual or a group. Initially, it may seem that renting from a property management group would be similar to renting from just about anyone else, but this is far from true. Property management is about bringing peace of mind through professionalism, expertise, and extended services to residents in a number of ways, and this is much easier when there are a group of people all employed to cater to renters’ needs. 

Consider the following features that property management brings to renting an apartment:


Property management groups tend to have numerous selections in terms of location, price, and features. This means that they can help you find an apartment that suits your needs. Also, property management groups often offer tools and services to the public, such as online search features, up-to-date information, photos, virtual tours, and floor plans for individual apartments. This helps you save valuable time during your search.

Paying Rent

Payment can sometimes be a stressful aspect of renting; there is always a question of whether or not your rent deposits and information are safe. Property management groups offer numerous secure payment options, often including acceptance of post-dated cheques, pre-authorized payment plans, as well as online options. This can also take away the pressures of having to remember to pay the rent on time every month.

They Take Care of Repairs For You

One of the biggest advantages of renting with a property management group is that repairs and maintenance are taken care of. Residents are only responsible for any damages that they or their guests caused. The landlord-tenant act in Ontario stipulates that the landlord or PM company must act in a reasonable timeframe to handle necessary repairs, otherwise, the tenant could file a complaint. Repairs that the property management company typically handles include anything regarding heating, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, lighting, locks, roofs, walls, patios, and pools. So you don’t have to waste time or money trying to fix items on your own or hiring outside help to do it for you. 

They Take Care of Landscaping and General Maintenance

Don’t love the idea of shovelling during the winter or mowing the lawn in summer? When you choose a property management company, you won’t have to worry about either. Many PM companies include landscaping services, snow removal, lawn and garden care, and they’re also obliged to keep the property clean and tidy. This includes common areas shared by residents both outside and inside of the apartment buildings. Coming home to a well-maintained property is always a nice feeling, especially when you don’t have to do all the work that’s involved in the upkeep. 

They Take Care of Tedious Tasks

They’re also responsible for dealing with garbage disposal, and other typical, tedious tasks. This frees up more time for renters and can make your life much easier when you don’t have to think about weekly collections.

Make sure to consider these options in your quest to find the perfect apartment! Contact our team at CLV Group and InterRent REIT to learn more about our current listings available for you.


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