Tips on Selecting the Best Paint Colours for Your Living Room

Tips on Selecting the Best Paint Colours for Your Living Room

There are literally thousands of paint colours to choose from today, which can feel overwhelming, to say the least, when you don’t know where to start. So instead of stressing over the abundance of options, make your life easier by narrowing down your choices with these tips on selecting the best paint colours for your living room. 

Look For Inspiration On Pinterest or in Design Magazines

When you don’t really know what look you’re aiming to achieve with your living room design, take time to browse online to find inspiration. Pinterest is a great resource with lots of beautiful interior layouts that you can find for any and all types of styles. Once you find interiors that you like, create a board so you can refer back to them when it’s time to head to the paint store. 

Get Creative with Neutrals

Neutrals are one of the most common selections for living rooms. The muted tones keep interiors bright, clean looking, modern, and make it easy to change up other design elements when you want. But neutrals can also feel boring. Get creative by adding something interesting to the mix, like a feature wall. You can use a different colour that compliments your neutral tone. Alternatively, you could consider adding a striped wall or another unique design using a neutral colour. Simple additions like these can rev up the entire look of your living room.

Use Your Furniture to Choose a Colour

Another popular way to choose a colour for your living room is by using your furniture or accent features like artwork and accessories. If there’s a particular colour that stands out or you feel drawn to, consider finding a similar paint colour. If you’re uncertain about putting a bold colour on the walls, stick to one main wall for starters. As mentioned above, a feature wall is ideal for spicing up the room without fully committing to the colour. This is a strategic way to avoid the basic neutral look without making your interior feel or look too overwhelming. But don’t be afraid to add some personality to your space. You can also find complementary colours in the artwork to create a suitable colour scheme.

Consider Contrasts

Sometimes, a little contrast can improve the look of a space dramatically. For example, consider playing with lighter or darker shades of the same colour wheel. Remember, many paint stores can also create customized colours if you can’t find the right level of shade that you want.

Sample The Colour Before Going All In

When you finally decide on a colour, sample it first before you dive in and purchase gallons of it. You can get a small amount of it to take home and test it out on a wall. This is an important step because the lighting is always different in the paint stores, which can skew the colours. Choose an area on your wall that’s close to natural light, let it dry and then see if it’s still what you had hoped for. 

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