Moving In Together Decorating Tips

Whether you are a couple, friends or family, moving in together is always a new and exciting experience. What’s even more exciting is making your apartment your home! Decorating your apartment allows you to bring out your personal style, and creates an atmosphere that you’re happy to be in on a day-to-day basis. However, you can’t forget that you’ll also need to take your new roommate’s opinions into consideration when you begin to decorate your new home.

Make Room For Some Personal Items

It’s not uncommon when living with someone that one person will take over the decorating, and chances are, your roommate may feel a little left out. We all want to add personal touches to our space to make it feel more comfortable and homey. Try to strike a balance with your roommate when it comes to personalized items so each of you can add what you want without going overboard and creating a cluttered, chaotic mess. Consider showcasing both of your favourite colours in your living room accents, putting up pictures that hold significance to both of you, or asking them which piece of furniture they like best. 

Be conscious of how much each of you contributes. Whether it’s books, movies, art pieces, or record players, remember that everything won’t be able to be placed on display when you’re limited on space and sharing it with someone else. Try making some changes together to help with the transition.  Rearrange some of the furniture, or repaint a wall so that the new living partner feels that they’ve contributed to the feel of the home. Maintain an open, non-judgmental dialogue with each other to discuss what stays and what goes. 

Create Private, Personal Nooks

Having your own personal nook where you can retreat to and decorate it just as you like is essential to successfully sharing a space with a roommate. This is the ideal spot that can house any of those extra knick knacks that couldn’t work in the shared common areas like the kitchen or living room. You can fill your personal space with any items that make you feel comfy, cozy and calm so you can have the satisfaction of feeling like it’s yours.

Does your roommate or significant other need somewhere to kick up their feet after a long day? Consider a sturdier, more durable living room table rather than the fragile option to help accommodate each other’s needs. Find the balance between your nonnegotiable pieces by having open conversations about the pieces that matter most to you. No one should have to hide their paintings in the closet, and finding a balance between both of your styles will enhance the style of your home in the long run.

If you both have furniture already, consider the pieces that work well together or that you cannot live without. If the couch is more important to one of you, choose that piece for the living room, and choose your favourite kitchen table for the other. Compromising is key in this stage of your home décor thought process. However you and your significant other or roommate decorate your home, remember to take each other’s opinions and styles into consideration. 

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