6 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

6 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

Looking for a few strategic ways to make your apartment look and feel bigger? Even if you’re tight on space, there are lots of simple and creative ways to maximize your layout and make your place look brighter too. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite tips below to help you get your apartment looking its best.

Avoid Bulky Bookshelves

Big, bulky pieces of furniture can take up way too much space while also making your apartment feel cramped and confined. So instead of opting for a big cumbersome bookshelf, go for floating shelves instead. These are convenient, affordable and won’t take up any floor space. If a bookshelf is a must-have, try to choose one with a thinner frame and lighter design so it won’t obstruct too much natural light.

Hang Large Artworks on Smaller Walls

One handy trick that interior designers often use to create the illusion of more space is hanging large pieces of artwork on smaller walls. Try to stick with only one artwork per wall instead of clustering smaller pieces together. This will keep your apartment looking open and vibrant.

Use Mirrors

Whenever you have a room or corner that could use some light and space, use mirrors. Since mirrors are so versatile, you can hang them just about anywhere to disperse light and open up any of those darker areas.

Use Glass Tabletops

Coffee tables are essential, but they can easily consume lots of floor space and light, especially if you’re already limited on both. To create the convenient table and focal point you need, use a glass tabletop. Glass coffee tables are subtle and suitable for any décor style or theme.

Be Strategic with Window Coverings

Dark, heavy curtains will block out a significant amount of natural light, even when they’re pulled back. Instead, opt for blinds or neutral sheers to allow as much light in as possible to open up your apartment even more. 

 Choose Furniture with Legs

If you’re shopping for living room chairs or a new sofa, choose ones with legs to prop them up off the floor. This will minimize any bulkiness.

If you want to make your apartment feel bigger, focus on these simple details that will make all the difference. Looking for a new place to call home? Check out our current available listings at CLV Group and InterRent REIT today!  


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