It is with pride and excitement that we are announcing a pilot project in partnership with MicroHabitat for Summer and Fall 2021 at Appartements VIE in Montreal. The section of the rooftop at 2255 Saint-Mathieu that was previously unused was transformed at the end of June and is now hosting an urban farm!

Our Partner: MicroHabitat

MicroHabitat’s mission is to build a healthier society and world by reconnecting people with nature and their food. They do this by transforming unused spaces, mostly rooftops, into urban farms. They wish to create greener and more resilient cities through urban agriculture. They have partnered with large companies in Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area, and soon more locations, to transform the urban landscape, and we are proud to be part of this inspiring movement.

About the Appartements VIE Urban Farm

More than 500 edible plants are cultivated in our urban farm, which include tomatoes, peppers, onions, Swiss chard, edible flowers, fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, parsley, thyme and more! The urban farm will produce a total of about 300 pounds of food between mid July and October.

Resident Involvement

Although the garden will not be accessible to residents at all times due to safety reasons, residents will have the opportunity to interact with the urban farmer during their weekly maintenance visit and to participate in events such an educational workshop.

What will the crops be used for?

As soon as delicious vegetables and herbs start appearing, the crops will be donated weekly to the local organization Chez Doris, located only 600m from the community. This organization responds to the needs of women in precarious circumstances by offering a broad range of services in a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment. They provide meals, relief, clothing, socio-recreational activities, and other assistance. The crops from our community will be served in the daily fresh meals offered to their users.

The Breakfast Club of Canada

MicroHabitat has chosen to support the Breakfast Club of Canada to further their goal to eradicate food insecurity and give people access to healthy food. They have committed to donating 1 meal for every plant they install, meaning that the garden at Appartements VIE will lead to a donation of 30 meals to the Breakfast Club of Canada.

The Benefits of an Urban Farm

As one can imagine, the benefits of an urban farm are huge and have an impact socially and environmentally. Just to name a few, the urban farm located at Appartements VIE will help CLV Group and InterRent REIT reduce its environmental footprint,  rainwater runoffs and the heat island effect. It will also improve the local biodiversity and support pollinators, a key to a healthy ecosystem. The farming methods used by MicroHabitat are 100% ecological meaning they use natural fertilizers and use an ecological automatic irrigation system, among other things. As for the social impact, an urban farm in a community brings more awareness to healthy, local and sustainable food and agriculture. As mentioned previously, our urban farm will support both Chez Doris, a nearby women shelter, and the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Interested in living in a community with a rooftop garden? Check out Appartements VIE, the perfect home in downtown Montreal.

Stay tuned for updates on this pilot project!


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