Looking for an Apartment Location Proximity

When you first look for an apartment, it may be tempting to find the best deal first, rather than taking other aspects of apartment hunting into consideration. Though getting a great deal is important, and is something we’ll discuss later, one of the first things to look into is which location best suits your needs. After all, where you live is very important!

On that note, here are a few things to think about when considering apartment locations and their proximity to nearby services and amenities:

Convenience and Way of Life

Where you live has a direct impact on how you live. For example, if you’re raising two young children, you’ll need streamlined access to schools, a pediatrician, and possibly even daycare services. If you’re moving in to look after a loved one, perhaps accessibility to local parks, shops, and public services would make life easier. Alternatively, maybe you’re eager to say goodbye to a long commute and hello to increased productivity. 

  • These are all examples of finding a place with the appropriate proximity for your lifestyle and accessibility needs. Consider the property’s proximity to the following when searching for your new home: Employment
  • Schools (if applicable)
  • Medical attention (hospitals, doctors offices, dentists, pharmacies)
  • Shopping (groceries, supplies, clothing)
  • Transportation (public transportation, highway access)
  • Any other locations you feel are important
Proximity to Commercial Properties

If you find there are a few residential areas that suit your living needs, factor in some other locations that may increase your fondness of an area. Some examples include:

  • Restaurants
  • Public parks
  • Community centres
  • Athletic/recreational facilities
  • Religious centres
  • Entertainment (theatres, cinemas, concert halls, etc.)
Map Out a Radius

By finding these locations on a map, you can create a general radius of areas that suit you. If numerous areas suit your living situation, colour code according to preference. This may help when going on to look at other aspects that should be taken into consideration when finding the best location for you to live in. 

Try to narrow down the choices by visiting the properties, ensuring each one checks all the boxes in terms of what you need, then try to find the best balance of price and location to make the best possible decision. Before long you’ll be able to find an ideal new home for yourself and the rest of your household. Happy apartment hunting, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a helping hand!


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