Our Spring Cleaning Guide

While the milder, rainy spring weather is here, it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and give your apartment a good cleaning before summer is in full effect. To get your place all set for the summer season, here is our spring cleaning guide to help you get started.

Wash Your Windows

After the winter months, the windows are usually the first and most noticeable area that needs a really good cleaning. And you don’t need any fancy cleaners to make them shine. All you need is some Windex to do the trick. Make sure you have a rag or paper towel handy.

Clean Your Drapes or Blinds

While you’re focusing on the windows, take the curtains or blinds down and give them a cleaning. Most curtains are machine washable, but make sure to switch your washer onto the gentle cycle. If you have blinds, wash them with some warm water and baking soda. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference clean blinds can make. 

Go Through Your Closets

Spring is a good time to switch out your winter gear for spring and summer gear. And while you’re at it, it’s also ideal to dejunk. Grab a few extra garbage bags or bins and sort through all of your stuff to see what you can get rid of. Anything that you haven’t worn or used in the last few years, let them go and place them in the bag for donation. Having a neat and organized closet with all of your essentials readily accessible is one of the best ways to kick start the summer.

Change Out Winter Bedding

As it gets warmer, you won’t need your heavy duvet, fleecy sheets or heavy throws. Pack them up and put them away until next winter and switch them for lighter bedding for the summer.

Clean Appliances

If it’s been a while since you gave your appliances a deep cleaning, there’s no better time than now. A simple all-purpose cleaner is usually effective with a good scrubbing brush.

Clean Out Cupboards

Go through your pantry and cupboards and throw out any items that are long past their expiration dates. Wipe down the shelves before placing items back on them and use bins to keep everything organized.

Clean the Mirrors

Wipe down all of your mirrors to eliminate any grime so they can shine and brighten your apartment.

Scrub the Bathroom

The bathroom gets used a lot and needs a deep cleaning every so often to get rid of soap build-up and any potential mold. So get in there and scrub down the tub, tiles, floors and any surfaces that need it.

Throw Out Boxes and Storage Items

If you have boxes, bottles or general items that you’ve kept tucked away in a storage closet during the winter, throw them out. Sort through everything and place them in recycling or the garbage. 

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