7 Tips for Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment? Not sure what you’ll need? It’s an exciting process when you can pick out your own stuff and choose the type of furnishings that you love. But it’s important to be strategic with what you choose so it doesn’t consume your space. To help guide you in this next chapter, here are 7 tips for furnishing your first apartment.

Focus On Getting the Right Couch

Some items will be worth splurging on and others won’t. One item that’s definitely worthy of your time and money is the couch. It’ll be one of the most used pieces of furniture that you own, and picking a good quality one can end up lasting you for years. Remember to consider the size and colour and how it will work with your space.

Get Adjustable Furniture

Having a kitchen table that can expand in size is ideal when you have friends or family over and you need more room to fit everyone. Then once you’re done, you can fold it back up to reduce the size for your everyday use so it won’t take up too much space. 

Splurge On a Good Mattress

The mattress is another item that’s a very worthy investment. Considering how much time we spend sleeping, and how important a good night’s rest is for our health, it’s crucial to choose one that is comfortable and offers the right level of support for you. Make sure you take the time to test them out, do your research and understand what you need for optimal comfort.

Take Advantage of Mirrors to Brighten Your Space

Mirrors are ideal for apartments because they can brighten up the space and make it appear larger while adding some character at the same time. Place mirrors across from any windows or light sources to maximize light. You could also create a collage on a feature wall.

Get Cozy with Rugs 

Not only do rugs make apartments cozy and inviting, but they’re also beneficial for reducing noise – for both you and your neighbours below. If you have neutral furniture, go for something bold or stick with a neutral style if you want to easily change up your décor in the future. Just look for a design or pattern that will wear well and stand up to potential spills and foot traffic.

Add Nice Lighting

Lights really tie a space together and create a warm, inviting and homey atmosphere. Get some lamps that you can place throughout your apartment and look for light bulbs that are LED and have a warmer hue.

Use Shelving to Organize Your Stuff

If you’re limited on storage or need more space to place items on, use floating shelves in the bathroom, bedroom or living room to add your bits and bobs. It’s a simple way to keep things organized, tidy, or to simply display some of your favourite décor items.

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