InterRent REIT Signs BlackNorth Initiative Pledge

InterRent REIT has recently signed the pledge put forward by the BlackNorth Initiative. The BlackNorth Initiative was created by The Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism with the objective of putting an end to anti-black systemic racism. The pledge comprises commitments made by participating companies to specific actions and targets to help this important cause.

The list of supporting organizations is impressive. To date, over 200 organizations have signed the pledge and these represent some of Canada’s largest corporations. In fact, the companies include 30% of all companies on the TSX 60 and the total market cap of committed organizations exceeds $1 trillion.

“As a company that, at it’s core is about building stronger communities, we felt it was important that we participate in this pledge”, said CEO Mike McGahan. “For us, this is also part of a broader mission of leadership in fostering an inclusionary environment”.

The pledge also includes a commitment to share best practices and learn from other programs and specific initiatives that have proven successful, and what some of the key challenges are. Added McGahan “We’re extremely proud to be working alongside such an impressive group of companies from a variety of different industries. This will no doubt help us continue to improve our own practices.”

You can find out more about the BlackNorth Initiative here.


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