Lowering our Energy Consumption with Smart Thermostats Across 10 Communities

At CLV Group, we aim to reduce our environmental impact through multiple initiatives, in our properties and our offices.

Did you know that 10 of our communities across Quebec and Ontario are equipped with a smart thermostat in every unit? That’s a total of 1,995 units! See below a list of the communities in question:

Riviera Apartments (Aylmer, Quebec)
LIV Apartments (Ottawa, Ontario)
Forest Ridge Apartments & Townhomes (Ottawa, Ontario)
26 Rockway Crescent (Ottawa, Ontario)
860 Blackthorne Apartments (Ottawa, Ontario)
Brantstone Gardens (Burlington, Ontario)
Lakeshore Apartments (Mississauga, Ontario)
Maplebrook Apartments (Saint Catharines, Ontario)
81-99 North Murray (Trenton, Ontario)
Hamilton Landing (Trenton, Ontario)

Since their implementation over three years ago, our Ecobee smart thermostats have allowed us to limit our energy consumption by regulating temperatures in our properties. Our residents are also able to set temperature schedules to make sure heating is working only when needed, and at the adequate temperature (for example, off when everyone is at work/school and set to a lower temperature at night). Another great feature: our residents can see the indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels on the Ecobee thermostats.

We look forward to implementing new initiatives to reduce our energy consumption in the future.


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