5 Tips to Organize Your Apartment for the New Year

5 Tips to Organize Your Apartment for the New Year

Tired of living in a cluttered mess? Make this New Year the beginning of a fresh slate by dedicating some time to cleaning and organizing. Maintaining a home that’s neat and tidy not only makes your place look a thousand times better, but it can also make you feel much better too. To help you get started, we’ve gathered our best tips to organize your apartment for the new year.

Get Rid of Unused Clutter

We’re all guilty of holding onto unused stuff that takes up way too much space at home. But this new year, commit to getting rid of anything that you haven’t used or touched in the past year. This can be a serious challenge for some, but just remember to be as strict with yourself as possible, only keeping those essential items that you need. You can donate your belongings or even sell a few items for a little extra cash.

Find a Home for Everything

Keeping your home tidy means it should be easy to store everything away and in the right spot. So focus on creating “a home” or place to store your items. Keep similar things together, label baskets or boxes if necessary, and opt for multi-purpose furniture so you can use it for extra storage if your space is limited.

Schedule Tidy Sessions Once a Week

Despite all the effort to organize, it can be easy to create a mess and clutter in no time. The key to staying on top of it is to schedule in a ‘tidying session’ at least once per week. This way, you can choose one area to focus on and rearrange, clean, sort through and organize what’s needed. Each week just focus on one particular area and you’ll have a nice clean apartment to come home to every day with minimal effort.

Ask Your Friend for Help

Organizing doesn’t come naturally to all of us. For those who struggle to sort through their life’s worth of belongings, ask a friend or family member for help. They can lend an objective eye for what areas you should focus on and help you get started if you’re stuck.

Use Organizers

If you’re struggling to keep everything neat and tidy, there are some things that can help. You can find a ton of handy organizers at IKEA or even the dollar store in all shapes and sizes that are ideal for containing even the most awkward items in your junk drawers.

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