5 Trendiest Neighborhoods in Montreal

Toronto might be Canada’s biggest city, but Montreal is definitely its coolest. Check out our guide to the trendiest neighbourhoods in Montreal to live or visit. 

Little Burgandy

Bordering Saint-Hendri, Griffintown, and Pointe-Saint-Charles, you’ll find a newly gentrified area that has quickly become one of the hot spots in the city to live and play. The streets are lined with shops, markets, vintage stores, concert venues, cocktail bars, and quirky restaurants. Here you’ll also find the Atwater Market that offers year-round food stands, boulangeries, grocers and more. What once was an industrial area has now become renowned as the antique district, featuring a variety of magical shops that will really take you back in time. If you wish to live in this area, there’s a variety of housing options, from large apartment buildings to townhomes and walk-ups.

Mile End

Ask locals which neighbourhood they consider the trendiest, and they’ll likely all agree it’s Mile End. This area is trendy, hip, artsy, and full of life. You can find brunch spots, craft beer, quaint cafes, art galleries, bookstores, boutiques, markets and more. The neighbourhood is also a photographer’s delight with colourful houses, old architecture, and esteemed venues like the Theatre Rialto. There’s really something for everyone, especially those looking to live here. The area features walk-ups, condos, and Victorian homes at attractive rates for its popularity. 


Another gem to consider in the city is Mont-Royal. Here you’ll find the beautiful Parc du Mont-Royal, many historic buildings, and a European feel. This area is still one of the most sought-after locations in the city because it’s trendy, livable, and vibrant. You’ll find everything you need here from beautiful parks, French boulangeries, quaint cafés, popular restaurants, and one-of-a-kind specialty stores. St. Laurent Blvd also comes alive at night with hip restaurants and bars, attracting the 20-something university crowd. As you move west, you’ll also find a variety of international shops and boutiques selling African and Asian products too.


If you’re looking for a trendy suburb to live in, Pointe-Claire is the perfect place to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the core. Located in the west end, this location is a popular spot for commuters who want an easy ride into the city and larger home with outdoor space. The majority of homes in this area are two-stories, but there’s also a number of condos and bungalows available to own or rent. In the heart of Pointe-Claire is a beautiful century old-village that gives this area its real charm. 

Gay Village

Just east of downtown and centered around the Beaudry Metro station, this is one of the most vibrant and fun places to live and visit. Take a stroll on Saint-Catherine Street East and you’ll find bright colours, rainbows, as well as great food, stores, excellent public transit, and affordable apartments. Those who want to live in a downtown location will enjoy just how close the village is to the Latin Quarter, the Plateau, and Place-des-Arts. Best of all, it’s a neighbourhood that’s open to everyone. There’s a mix of young professionals, university students, and families. 

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