5 Under-Rated Spots in Hamilton

5 Under-Rated Spots in Hamilton

Often referred to as the Brooklyn of Toronto, Hamilton has been overshadowed by its more infamous neighbouring cities for a long time. But as the city undergoes a transformation, it’s starting to get more of the attention it deserves. From an outside perspective, it may not look like there’s much going on, but this city offers some amazing landscapes to explore from the Niagara Escarpment, along with a lively art scene, a revitalized harbourfront, core, and much more. Check out a few of the most under-rated spots in Hamilton to explore this season.

Smokey Hollow Falls

Hamilton is also known as the city of waterfalls for a reason – there’s more than 100 of them nestled throughout the area. Webster, Tew, and Tiffany are among the most popular, and they are stunning to see. But some of the lesser-known ones, like Smokey Hollow Falls – worthy of a visit for the name alone – are just as mesmerizing to see, and with fewer people to spoil your view. This short and fast-flowing waterfall is encompassed by a magical looking, leafy forest, perfect for an afternoon hike.

Cootes Paradise

Nature lovers will also enjoy Cootes Paradise. Located just west of the Hamilton Harbour, lies this massive wetland that features one of the most biodiverse ranges of plants and endangered species in the region. Here you can explore nature trails to find unique species of birds, walk along the Hamilton Waterfront Trail down towards Pier 4, or stop off at Princess Point or Sassafras Point for some amazing views. 

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Often overlooked, the Art Gallery in Hamilton is, in fact, one of the oldest and largest art museums in all of Southern Ontario. Located right in the heart of downtown, the gallery features one of the finest permanent displays in the country, as well as a number of exciting current exhibitions, programs, classes, and live performances. The gallery is also a popular spot for weddings and private events in case you’re looking for a venue to host your next occasion. Looking to see art on a budget? You can explore all the exhibitions for free on the last Friday of every month!

Hamilton Farmer’s Market

One of the best-hidden gems in the city is the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. Open year-round, four-days a week, you can find over 60 diverse vendors to stock up on everything you need for your weeks fare! You’ll find local produce, fresh meat, and cheese, as well as seafood, artisan goods, coffee, and prepared foods. Located right in the heart of downtown beside the Hamilton Public Library, it’s easy to get to and from on public transit or by car.

Pier 4

If you love biking, running or rollerblading, Pier 4 is the place to be. This lakeside boardwalk features excellent views of Hamilton’s waterfront along 349-metres of multi-use asphalt that connects back to Princess Point. Pier 4 is also home to a number of festivals throughout the year including Rockin’ The Waterfront, Soaring Spirit Festival, YogaFest and Because Beer Festival. There’s also a massive tugboat structure for the kids to play on! 

There’s more to see and do in Hamilton than most people think. If you’re looking for a place to live, we’ve got the perfect rental for you at the CLV Group. Reach out today to see our current listings or to find out more about specific areas you’re interested in.


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