Top 5 Things to Ask Your Landlord as A Student 

Top 5 Things to Ask Your Landlord as A Student

As a renter, it’s common to move into a place without your landlord really providing much detail about certain things that are important to know, like where to empty your recyclables. Whether before signing or once you get the keys to your new place, here are a few good things to keep in mind and ask your landlord if the info hasn’t already been provided.

How and Where Do I Access the Laundry Facilities?

The laundry room is often skipped during most apartment tours. So, if you’re moving in, make sure to ask your landlord or property management where it’s located. It’s usually placed on the first floor or basement level in larger buildings, but it may require a code or special key card to access – also good to ask about.

Where Is Visitor Parking? Is There A Code?

If the visitor parking wasn’t pointed out or you didn’t notice it when touring, ask where it’s located and what the timeframe restrictions include. A special fob key or code should also be provided if applicable.

Where are the Garbage and Recycling Located?

One piece of info that is always forgotten about until you need it is the garbage and recycling drop off areas. Sometimes, you might need to toss it in a chute, and in other cases, you may be required to bring your garbage and recyclables out to the dumpster or access a designated area with a key. This tends to be most common with smaller buildings that don’t have garbage chutes. Also, ask whether your building composts and where you should place it.

What Are the Noise Restrictions?

Student life often means there may be some late-night celebrations with friends. In the event, it’s always good to know what your landlord’s policies are for noise restrictions so you can enjoy the company of friends without having your neighbours or management complain. It’s best to be aware so you can have some fun while keeping the peace.

What Are Rules for Smoking or Vaping  

Even if you don’t smoke, it’s also helpful to be aware of any smoking or vaping rules. In some cases, restrictions for these can be quite serious with penalties including hefty fines or even evictions.

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