Hamilton Is Growing, Here Is How and Why

Hamilton Is Growing, Here Is How and Why

Believe it or not, Hamilton is leading the country when it comes to new development projects! In fact, it has 20 new or expansion projects in play with over $1 million invested. Whether you want to admit it or not, Hamilton is becoming a world-class city faster than anyone imagined. 

According to the Provincial Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017), Hamilton can expect a population increase to 780,000 by 2041 – that’s 220,000 more people in just 21 years. There’s no doubt about it, Hamilton is growing – and here is why it’s good for you!


It’s A Great Location

When it comes to location, Hamilton has a very attractive position. Situated only 1 hour between both Niagara Falls and Toronto, businesses can set up shop here and push products easily to US and Canada. Plus, it’s right on Lake Ontario and is home to the largest Canadian port on the Great Lakes, the Port of Hamilton. This provides easy access for cargo ships to move product to shipping destinations all around the globe. 

While it’s great that businesses are setting up shop here, it’s even more beneficial for young professionals and adults! Proximity to Toronto allows students to attend any college or university they would like, and adults have employment opportunities aplenty, just without the costly Toronto-living price tag.


Strong Industrial Presence

Unlike many areas, Hamilton has a solid commitment to industrial park development and site readiness. There’s an abundance of potential locations and opportunities for businesses and investors alike. In fact, Prestigious Executive magazine stated that “Hamilton attracted more industrial and commercial development than any other Canadian city in the past year.”


It’s Still An Affordable City

Compared to some of the biggest markets in Canada, Hamilton is still extremely affordable when it comes to economic and real estate development. It has relatively low taxes, development charges and utility costs, which is attractive to developers, residents and businesses. It’s perfect for both students and professionals who want to move here and rent an apartment too. Whether you are relocating for university or a job, you are a guaranteed a more affordable way of living than even the close-by city of Toronto.


A Commitment To Infrastructure

Hamilton already has strong business infrastructure – a large number of transportation links and nodes, a local labour force, and ample federal government investment. But what few people realize is that the city also has a commitment to sustaining and improving infrastructure within the city.  Just last year, the Port of Hamilton received $17.7 million in federal government investment to modernize the port infrastructure and to create new employment land development parcels. The government has also recently lifted funding to the Hamilton LRT project that will create a new 17-stop modern light rail network throughout the city. This will help meet the growing demands, create new jobs, enhance infrastructure, and connect people to employment and services throughout the city.


Don’t wait to move to Hamilton before the prices start to reflect the growth and demand! At CLV Group, we can help you find an affordable apartment in this vibrant and fast-growing city that suits your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today, and we’ll show you all our latest listings and give you a tour of what this great city has to offer!


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