5 Reasons Canadians Love Living in Montreal

Do you have friends who can’t seem to stop bragging about life in Montreal or trying to convince you to make the move there? Wondering what the fuss is really all about? There are many different reasons why Canadians love living in Montreal, from the old-world charm and enchanting architecture to the festivals and an endless array of activities to do here; this city has something for everyone. Learn more about the attractive features throughout this great city and why it’s always a favourite for those who are lucky enough to call it home. 

It’s Affordable

Montreal is still relatively cheap in comparison to most other North American cities. And you can find an array of attractive places to live for a quarter of what you’d pay in Toronto or Vancouver. With less money being put towards rent, it gives residents more for spending and enjoying in the city. 

It’s A Beautiful City

Montreal is hands-down, one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. Unlike most other municipalities, it has succeeded in retaining its history and culture, which is evident almost everywhere you go here. From the Gothic Revival architecture to the mélange of fresh markets, to the lush and versatile green spaces, to the street murals and charming cobblestoned streets. This city is an undeniable sight of beauty.

It’s Walkable

Since Montreal is a smaller city, it’s easy to get around. You can enjoy all the benefits of living in an exciting, metropolis environment without having to deal with the hassle of driving or heavy traffic. Instead, you can walk or bike to where you need to go with designated bike lines located on many of Montreal’s major streets.

It Offers An Eclectic Mix Of Food

As Canadians, we love our poutine. And considering Montreal is the birthplace of it, there’s no better city to live in to get your fix on a regular basis! But beyond the French culture and food, Montreal is also a multicultural city with a diverse range of amazing options to enjoy. In fact, in 2018, it was ranked among the top 50 cities with the most diverse food scene, with 58 national cuisines featured! So whatever you’re craving, you can bet you’ll find it here.

Festivals Galore!

If there’s one thing that Canadians can’t get enough of (aside from poutine and craft beer), it’s festivals. And what’s better than combining all three? No matter what you’re into, there’s a festival that will keep you entertained with a whopping line up of over 100 events scheduled each year, each and every season.

Montreal is a city that truly has it all – affordability, an abundance of activities and entertainment, a food scene that will blow your mind, and an easy urban environment that you can navigate through without a hassle. And those are just a few of the amazing perks you get to experience when living here! When you’re ready to explore life in Montreal, allow us to help at CLV Group. We have an extensive range of apartments to suit your needs best. Check out our listings online or get in touch today to connect with our team. We’re happy to help!


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