Top 3 Ways to Harness the Power of Spring Cleaning This Year

The springtime is all about clearing out any dark corners, scrubbing away the winter grime, and finally feeling a sense of relief when you can hit the reset button after you’re done. And beyond the need of maintaining our homes, spring cleaning is also crucial for helping us retune our mental and physical health. Learn how to make the most of this time of cleansing and transition with these top 3 ways to harness the power of spring cleaning this year.

Make Room For Space

Taking on your home after the winter can take a serious amount of time and effort. But we also know that it’s an important and necessary part of our chores. And the same should be said for ourselves. When we need to clean our home, we never really struggle to clear off a day to tackle it. But when it comes to creating space and spare time for ourselves, it can be a serious challenge. Try to harness the power of spring cleaning by carving out more room for space in your own day-to-day schedule. Bring a book to the park, lounge at a local café, spend time catching up with friends – create time by scheduling it just like you would with your spring cleaning.

Minimize and Simplify

Chances are you’ve heard the term minimalism used quite a bit lately, but many people aren’t exactly sure what it means. The idea of minimalism simply refers to the practice of choosing more quality over quantity. It’s about dejunking your life so you can learn to appreciate more. There’s no reason to have a million mugs if you really only ever use a few of your favourites. So think of how you can simplify more throughout your home and your personal life by breaking tasks down into more manageable steps to help you simplify and accomplish more.

Keep Things That Excite You

Dejunking your home can be hard! It’s not easy making those tough decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. To make it easier for both your household items and in life, remember to focus on what things get you excited or “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo declares in her popular series on Netflix. Whatever doesn’t – learn to let go of.

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