Top 5 Canadian Cities to Visit if You Love Nature

Top 5 Canadian Cities to Visit if You Love Nature

If your idea of an exciting road trip includes plenty of hiking, biking, camping, and pretty much anything outdoorsy – we’ve got the hotspots you need to know about when travelling throughout Canada. Here are our top 5 Canadian cities to visit if you love nature and all that it has to offer.




Thanks to its modest population of about 130,000 people, Guelph is where urban living meets small town lifestyle. Beyond the friendly community and vibrant downtown core, Guelph is home to more than 1,000 hectares of parks and 70km of cut trails.  So if you’re an avid nature lover, you’ll find an abundance of places to go hiking, jogging, cycling, kayaking and much more. With so many different conservation areas and bodies of water nearby, you’ll never get bored here.




Nestled between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, nature is very much entwined throughout this city. With more than 10 conservation areas in close proximity of Hamilton, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best hotspots for outdoor recreation. Lounge out on the beachfront, hike up the epic Bruce Trail, or try your hand at climbing the frozen Tiffany Falls if you dare in winter! Did we mention it’s also the waterfall capital of Canada? Discover more than 100 different waterfalls, including the historic Devil’s Punch Bowl right here.




Ottawa is another notable city with a keen connection to the outdoors. How can it not be when it’s literally surrounded by the Ottawa Greenbelt spanning over 20,000 hectares of green space? With over 90 miles of unique trails, parks, and cycling, in addition to the Rideau Canal and more, you can paddle in a canoe, try your hand at whitewater rafting, pitch a tent at the nearby campgrounds, or even take the sightseeing cycling routes to check out more of the surrounding landscape.




For such a bustling major city, Toronto is still an impressively green city, boasting one of the world’s most prominent urban forests. With about a fifth of the city covered by a thriving green canopy, there are many great spots to check out if you’re looking to embrace some time in nature here. Head to High Park – Toronto’s largest public park which spans over 160 hectares. You’ll find cherry blossoms, sporting facilities, lush gardens, a waterfront, pools, wildlife, trails and even a zoo.  There’s also the Humber River, Rouge Park, Asbridge’s Bay, and Evergreen Brickworks which was listed as a geotourism hotspot by National Geographic. You can find a year-round farmer’s market here along with 40 acres of wilderness – and of course, the best cider when you’re ready for a cold one.




Many people know that Montreal is infamous for its mouth-watering food, Euro-style old-world charm, and vibrant culture. But what many don’t know is that it’s also a city with plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. Urban adventurers can bike along the St. Lawrence riverfront, spend the day on the trails at Parc Maisonneuve, or enjoy the unique Biodome which recreates four of the world’s exotic environments.  


The options are truly endless when it comes to these top Canadian cities to visit if you love nature. No matter what your preference is, you can find exactly what you’re looking for throughout the diverse landscapes of Canada.  If you’re searching for apartments across Ontario or Quebec that are close to green spaces and are rich with nature attractions, give us a call at CLV Group!



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