Ottawa’s Best Neighbourhoods for Pet Owners

Ottawa’s Best Neighbourhoods for Pet Owners

Looking to relocate to Ottawa? If you’re a pet owner in need of a pet-friendly area that will welcome your furry loved one, we’ve gathered Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods for pet owners to help you narrow down your options. Check them out below!


The Glebe


This youthful and vibrant part of the city is one of the best for welcoming your four-legged family members. The youthful, modern and rapid growth of the neighbourhood is home to many pet-friendly establishments, including newer developments that are designed to accommodate the active lifestyles of young professionals, and of course, their beloved dogs or cats. Just take a walk through the neighbourhood and you’ll find specialty pet stores, couples out walking their dogs, and even water bowls placed down along the footpaths to let your pooch hydrate when needed.




If you prefer a quieter, more suburban setting, then Orleans could be the perfect neighbourhood for you to consider. Designed with families in mind, this area is more remote since it’s tucked just outside of the city centre. It’s also home to many pet-friendly families, properties, parks and pet care facilities. This neighbourhood is also a great option if you prefer to live somewhere that is more removed from the hectic city rush.


New Edinburgh


The New Edinburgh or Rockcliffe Park area is another hot spot for pet owners, thanks to the abundance of open space in the area. This gives your pet plenty of room to run around in. And as the area continues to develop and modernize, you can expect to see a growing number of pet-friendly complexes and local businesses, in addition to the existing animal shelters, the Beechwood Animal Hospital and Pet Valu which are all located nearby.




Stittsville is the ideal place to live in Ottawa for those who enjoy the charm and vibe of more local, country-style living. With a location that’s made for the outdoor enthusiast, it’s also like a dog-owner’s dream. Here, you’ll find plenty of trails, parks, properties and rentals that are open and welcoming to your pets. This is also ideal if you’re looking for a lower cost of living since rentals tend to cost less out here in comparison to other neighbourhoods in the city.


Now that you know about Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods for pet owners, reach out to us at CLV to learn more about what’s available for rent. We’ll help you find the perfect place for you and your pooch!


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