4 Things to Tell Yourself to Help You Make it Until Spring

4 Things to Tell Yourself to Help You Make it Until Spring

Staring out at the grey, gloomy weather can make it tough to survive until we see the first buds start to appear on the trees. But, staying tucked indoors, eating poorly, being more anti-social than usual, and getting caught up in negative self-talk can make it even more difficult to feel motivated, positive, or focused. Luckily, you can help yourself shake out of that slump and get back to feeling more focused and confident. To do that, here are five things to tell yourself to help you make it until spring.

Keep Organized

Motivation can be hard to come by during the winter months, even for basic tasks like keeping your home organized and tidy. This is especially true once you’ve survived the holiday season and you’re still in recuperation mode. Keeping your living environment neat and tidy is key to staving off those doom and gloom feelings which can weigh us down. Many studies have shown the strong correlation between the state of your environment and the state of your mind and mood. So, get started by telling yourself to get organized and remind yourself to do so on a regular basis. Just take one room or area per day to sift through slowly, dejunk, and clean.

It’s Okay To Rest

Once the warmer weather returns, the spring and summer months tend to fill up fast with plans to get out and soak it up to the fullest. Remind yourself that during the winter, it’s okay to rest. After the hectic holiday season, finding some calming balance is often just what we need.

Self-Care Is Important

Self-care should always be a priority, but during the winter, it’s even more essential. This doesn’t have to be defined by any specific thing. It merely means that you need to find time in your busy days to carve out a little space for yourself. This could involve, you, your new book, and a glass of your favourite wine, going to the gym, or even throwing on your favourite tunes to let loose and jam out. Whatever it is, finding time to take care of yourself is crucial in the winter when we tend to feel more stressed and isolated.

Winter Can Be Fun!

As Canadians, we’ve learned that to beat the weather, you have to embrace it. Thankfully, there are so many different festivals, shows, activities, and events hosted throughout the winter months — remind yourself to shake things up by checking out your local listings to see what events are happening. Sometimes, the best cure for the winter blues is just to get out there and make it your own.

We know how much of a bummer winter can be, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can help yourself embrace the season by remembering to stay active, stay organized, stay motivated, take care of yourself. Keep on trucking!


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