The Future of Ottawa is Looking Bright — Here’s Why

Once upon a time, Ottawa held a staunch reputation for being the “grownup” city of Canada that lacked fun and excitement. But today, much of that has changed. Over the past few years, the city has been undergoing some of the most extreme transformations in its history. From the pending Light Rail Transit system to an unprecedented amount of new developments, to the surge in popularity — it’s safe to say to the future of Ottawa is looking brighter than ever. Here’s why you can look forward to our new and improved capital city as it undergoes this massive influx of change.
The Urban Planning Trifecta
The urban landscape throughout Ottawa has been undergoing a significant transformation — entire new communities being introduced have a focus on the trifecta of a being living, working, and playing environments all wrapped into one. These projects are helping to modernize the city while reviving many areas, including the downtown core. Designing these developments where residents can easily access amenities, services, and a hopping nightlife is helping inject more life and excitement into the city.
Light Rail Transit Plan
Cities tend to grow around their transit systems — one of the main obstacles that hinder growth and expansion in any city is the lack of good, accessible public transit. The pending arrival of the 13-stop LRT line that’s planned to launch sometime in 2019 has become one of the main catalysts of change in this city. Good transit networks help people move around, discover new areas, and access more business and services. Once it officially arrives, it’s expected to have a profound impact on the growth of Ottawa.
Years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find many exciting and diverse options in Ottawa especially when it comes to food. Now, with a population of close to one million, Ottawa is growing faster than ever with some of the best chefs in Canada. Today, there are plenty of multicultural restaurants with much more expected to emerge as things progress.
The Influx of Young People
Young people breathe life back into any city. And with the combination of development and lower cost of living in comparison to other major cities, like Toronto, the influx of millennials and younger generations in Ottawa is also inciting dramatic change. With more young people comes the need for more businesses and services, which means big investors will continue to turn their eyes towards this growing metropolis. The future of Ottawa is looking more promising ever, with a substantial amount of change that’s set to transform our capital like never before. If you have your eyes set on Ottawa, reach out to us at CLV Group for all the latest rental listings throughout the city.


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