5 Tips for Making Your Montreal Apartment into a Winter Wonderland

5 Tips for Making Your Montreal Apartment into a Winter Wonderland

When it’s dull, cold and less than inspiring outside, there’s no better way to liven the mood than by transforming your apartment into your own cozy oasis. With a few simple additions, you’ll see that making your Montreal apartment into a winter wonderland is easier than you think! Here are some creative ways to make your space cozy, warm and inviting to help you get through those long, winter days.

Add Some Lights!

If your apartment is looking a little sad and depressing, one of the best ways to liven it up instantly is by adding some lights. After all, the magic of the season is seeing all of the dazzling and colourful lights strewn across the city during those dark, chilly nights. So take note and light up your apartment by stringing lights around your balcony, windows or anywhere else that could use some extra warmth and colourful hues.

Make Subtle Changes To Your Décor

Making your Montreal apartment into a winter wonderland doesn’t mean bedazzling your space with red, green and Santa-theme items. And hey, if that’s your style – go for it. But if not, you can instead, go with other themes and colours of the season, like white or gold which can be used well beyond the holidays. Some simple changes could include swapping out pillows or throws on your couch or adding a seasonal centrepiece to your kitchen table.

Accentuate Your Apartment’s Best Features

Whether it’s the floor-to-ceiling windows, the view from your balcony, or your impressive fireplace, make those coveted features that you love in your apartment stand out. You can showcase them by stringing lights from the top of your windows or hanging garland around them, or dressing up your balcony with a mini potted evergreen and lights to add that magical glow whenever you or your guests look outside. Take advantage of the season by really making those favourite areas shine.

Place Candles Everywhere

Candles make any room or space feel enchanting and romantic. And there’s nothing cozier than curling up for the night with the warm, sultry glow of candles flickering all around you.

Add Your Own Nostalgic Holiday Hallmarks

Don’t forget to sprinkle some notes of nostalgia throughout your place! We all have certain things that really take us back to our happy childhood memories. Musical snowglobes, stocking on the fireplace, or dressed up trees are just some ideas to add in your apartment to create a more comforting ambience.

Once you’re done, all that’s left is to make a hot beverage, light your pine-scented candles, then relax or invite your friends over to let them secretly swoon over your new magical seasonal décor.


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