Our Top 4 Tips for Avoiding the November Blues

Our Top 4 Tips for Avoiding the November Blues

With beach days long behind us and the winter season in plain view, November can be a tough month to get through here in Canada. With a tendency to be a dull, cold, and dreary time of year, it can be hard not to succumb to those pre-winter blues. So how can you beat them and stay motivated? Here are our top five tips for avoiding the November blues this year.

Keep Exercising

As the dreary weather rolls in, finding time, energy, or motivation to exercise regularly becomes difficult. But a lack of exercise is strongly correlated with negative feelings, including seasonal depression. This is why maintaining regular workout routines at least three times per week is essential during the fall and winter. Even with a hectic schedule and the holiday fever just around the corner, try to carve out just an hour or so, three times per week to focus on your personal health and wellbeing.

Eat a Balanced Wholesome Diet

This time of year always incites over-eating and indulgences, which also affects how we look and feel. Although it may feel next to impossible to resist the urge to grab those home-baked goods and treats over the holidays, try to indulge moderately and add some healthy, nourishing items into your diet as well. How we fuel our bodies contributes greatly to how we feel. And with a lack of sunshine and vitamin D, taking certain supplements is essential for avoiding the November blues. Fresh fruits, dark leafy veggies, vitamin D and C, as well as immune boosting items like spirulina, are very beneficial during this time of year.

Make a Point to go Outside Every Day

Being outside and immersed in nature recharges our state of mind, invigorates our body and gives us fresh air to help stimulate our brain. As easy as it can be to hibernate inside each day on the couch, make a point to get outside each day and breathe in a little fresh air while stretching your legs. If you can find a park and sunshine to enjoy while you’re outside, your body and mind will thank you.

Socialize More

Even if the weather isn’t favourable, making time to meet up with friends or attend social get-togethers can be another great way to shake off those negative feelings. The hardest part is always finding the motivation actually to go, but once you’re there, you’ll see how refreshing it is to get your mind off your own thoughts and just enjoy the company and conversation of others.


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