Throughout the years, the December Holidays have become more and more about consuming, and not about spending quality time with loved ones. Here are some tips to avoid getting caught up in the Holiday mania, making a better impact for the environment and focusing on what is important.


Often we feel the need to purchase a gift for everyone in our family and circle, which can be overwhelming and costly. Consider reducing the budgets for everyone by pulling names in a Secret Santa style. For the others who you would like to give a little something, prepare a homemade gift such as baked goods packed in a nice little cardboard box: it will limit your spending and you will still bring a smile to their holidays.

Gift wrapping

Plenty of eco-friendly options are available to you when it comes to gift wrapping. First, make sure you reuse gift bags, tissue paper and ribbons from previous years. Tip: avoid metallic wrapping paper as it is not recyclable in most areas. You should consider wrapping your gift in a nice fabric and tie it with a ribbon, or alternative wrap in plain brown paper and use pops of colour with the ribbon to create a simple and elegant design.


Food waste, which reaches higher than ever during the Holidays, can be avoided by planning the right amount of food for the number of guests at your table. Make sure leftover food is stored in the fridge or freezer quickly to avoid having to throw it away because it sat too long on the table. If you still have food waste, make sure to compost or donate leftover to a local shelter.


Reuse is the key word here. Decorations can be used many years in a row if one takes care of them properly. Also, instead of buying decorations, you can always make a fun family activity and make your own from scratch: pine wreath, garlands, decorative pine cones and snowflakes can all be homemade!


The Holidays shouldn’t be only about giving gifts, it’s should also be about giving back! Make it a family or friend activity and get involved in a soup kitchen, gift wrapping at the mall, food drive or prepare a present for someone in need and make a difference in someone’s Holidays.

Wishing you the best Holidays!


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