Ways to Save Energy in Your Burlington Apartment

5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Burlington Apartment

In theory, an apartment unit should offer much lower utility bills than that of a townhome or house, but that’s not always the case. If you’re not careful about your energy usage habits, you could be in for a surprise come winter time when you receive your electricity bills. Don’t get stuck paying more than you think you could be — follow these seven simple ways to save energy in your Burlington apartment.

Check Your Windows

Have you noticed a slight draft from any of your apartment windows? To prevent cold air from seeping into your unit, ensure your windows are properly insulated. CLV Group apartments are properly maintained and inspected regularly — if you do notice any issues, get in contact with your building manager!

Run Water at Low Peak Times

The time of day when you shower, wash your clothes, and do dishes will also make a difference in your bill. Burlington uses seasonal and daily TOU (time of use) periods to charge your energy usage. You can save a lot of money by only running the water between 7pm and 7am on weekdays. Use this handy guide to find the latest TOU pricing in the city and the updated winter pricing that takes effect from November 1st till April 30th.

Only Use Cold Water and Avoid the Dryer

If you’re looking for another way to save on energy, use cold water as much as possible and avoid using the dryer for your laundry. Instead, air dry your clothes on a rack overnight to reserve a significant amount of your energy usage.

Unplug Electronics

That plugged in coffeemaker, digital alarm clock, washing machine, and whatever else could be costing you money. Many digital appliances go into “standby” mode when not in use, which still uses energy even when you think they’re turned off. So be sure to unplug anything you don’t need. Better yet, purchase a smart power strip which will automatically turn off when items are not in use.

Keep Your Fridge Full

Believe it or not, over 25% of your energy bill goes towards cooling your fridge. To keep your energy bills low, keep it full and ensure that the fridge seal is solid. This ensures less air space and less cold air to be exchanged when you open and close the door. The less it has to work to cool your groceries, the more energy you will save.

If you live in CLV Group apartment, make sure to reach out to your building manager if you believe there is something in your unit which may need retooling or replacing! They will be quick to respond and ensure your satisfaction — it’s what they’re all about!


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