What does an Energy Manager do?

According to SaveONEnergy.ca, “Energy managers have the strategic and technical expertise to recommend the energy-saving equipment and technologies that are right for your business.”

Visit any large-scale company and you will probably discover that they have an Energy Management department. In the last decade, large-scale companies have been paying closer attention to their energy consumption and implementing Energy Management teams. This is largely because attitudes toward energy consumption are shifting. It’s now widely expected of large companies to participate in global environmental efforts.

Think of an energy manager as a loss prevention specialist, but for energy!

CLV Group and InterRent REIT introduced an Energy Management team in 2016. As a growing company, there were several reasons behind building a team for this purpose. CLV Group and InterRent are working to make our properties more efficient so we can reduce our overall carbon footprint and set the standard of environmentally friendly multi-family residences.



Danny Smith, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), leads the CLV Group Energy Management team. He joined the company in early Spring 2016. Since then, Danny has created a team to help him continue saving energy in our core markets of Ottawa, Montréal, and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

Danny is a graduate of the Construction Engineering Technology, Sustainable Mechanical Systems program from Algonquin College. Today, this program is known as the Energy Management program. Danny eats, sleeps, and breathes the outdoors. It’s something he has been passionate about for his whole life – so he pursued a career in a field that supported his passion.

“I wanted a career that made a difference and played to my technical background and passions for new technologies,” said Danny, “Energy Management provides me with everything I wanted in a career.”


As a leading property manager, CLV Group has plenty of work for an energy manager. There is no typical day for Danny at work. His job consists of implementing research with his team to find solutions to making properties more efficient and putting “a greater focus on behavior rather than data.”

It’s about finding the most convenient ways for people to save energy so that they actually want to do it.

Solar panels, cogeneration systems, smart thermostats, LED lighting, low-flow plumbing, energy-star rated appliances, and planting trees in Ottawa are just a few of the things that Danny’s team has accomplished since coming together in 2016. Collectively, Danny’s team has created a large impact on the company and the environment, and that is something he finds incredibly fulfilling.

Energy Management Team CLV Group InterRent

Pictured above - left to right - Graham Hall, Jason Juurlink, and Danny Smith, Energy Management team members, Ottawa

“I can count in megawatts the impact my team and I have in Ontario and Quebec,” said Danny.

They intend to make an impact, not just through megawatts, but through education and awareness as well. Danny and his team hope to encourage residents and staff to take part in environmentally sustainable initiatives as well beyond just saving energy.

The purpose of an energy manager is not just to save energy, but to create long-term sustainability for a thriving future and a cleaner planet. For more on what our team is doing, stay tuned for future posts!



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