How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

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It’s hard to have a productive work-day when you’re running on little sleep. Here are a couple tips on how to improve your night-time routine so you can feel well-rested and tackle your day head first!

Night Mode
Exposure to blue light tricks your body into believing it’s still daytime. Most phones and some apps have a night mode enabled that stops your cellular device from emitting blue light.
Check out this helpful guide for setting night mode on a custom schedule!

Establishing a relaxing pre-sleep routine like reading a book or taking a bath greatly improve your sleep quality.
Download Headspace and take a couple minutes of your night for meditation and reflection.

Sleep Schedule
Ensure that you are consistently sleeping and waking up at the same times, even on weekends. This creates a steady body clock and will be much less draining!
A tip to maintain your schedule is to avoid taking regular long naps.

Smart Snacking
It’s common for some hunger pangs start to kick in right when we’re trying to sleep. Although it isn’t recommended to eat a large meal before bed, snacks that are easily digested are your best bet.
Read this article for some examples!

Try to get in an hour of exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk. Don’t exercise too late in the day or you’ll have trouble falling asleep!
For tons of fitness plan ideas, check out our CLV Group Pinterest board.

Sleep plays a huge role in our energy and mood levels throughout the day and is one of the most important aspects in keeping you healthy. Don’t forget to make your health a priority with these easy and simple tips!


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