6 Tips to Get Your Burlington Apartment Ready for Fall

Soaking up every available moment that’s left of the summer can make the fall season roll in pretty quickly. Before the cooler temperatures catch you off guard, make sure your home is prepared using these six tips to get your Burlington apartment ready for fall.

Get Your Entranceway Ready

Since the fall and winter months require multiple layers for keeping cozy and warm, it’s a good time now to prepare your entranceway for your bulkier items. Remove any excess summerwear that isn’t needed to save on space for your fall jackets, scarves, and footwear. Also, make sure you leave some spare room for your guests’ jackets and boots for when you’re entertaining.

Remove Your A/C Unit

If you have an air conditioner unit installed in your apartment window, you will need to remove it as soon as the summer heat tapers off. Please speak with your on-site team for further details and dates.

Swap Out Your Clothes

The changing of seasons is always a good time to go through your wardrobe and clear any clothes that won’t be used during the fall and winter. Start placing any of your sweaters, pants and other cold-weather items back up front and centre so you’re ready once those frosty mornings arrive.

Cozy Up Your Apartment

The fall time is all about staying snug and enjoying more evenings being cozy at home. To get your apartment prepared and inviting for when you get home all chilly, break out the warmer blankets, bedding, and throws to cozy up your apartment. If you have a heavier duvet, it’s a good idea to throw that on now so you won’t wake up with a chill once the temperature begins to dip.

Clean Vents

Once the cooler weather really settles in, your heating system will be switched on. Before this time rolls around, take a moment to clean your vents and apartment to avoid breathing in any accumulated dust, debris, or pet dander from the summer months.

Add Some Fall Spice

Finally, if you’re a fan of the fall season, get out your fall decor to embrace this fresh, fragrant and beautiful time of the year!

Embrace the season and get your Burlington apartment ready for the fall with these handy tips!


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