6 Reasons Why We Love Hamilton

Although Hamilton has held a reputation as being the industrial heart of Ontario, there’s a lot more to this city than meets the eye. As the third largest population centre in Ontario, it has been experiencing steady growth and a notable transformation over the past few years. Beyond the industrial sector, this city offers a booming arts scene, spectacular landscapes (including a charming waterfront), and plenty of historic sites to take in. Learn more below about this thriving city and some of the reasons why we love Hamilton.

Beautiful Natural Landscape and Lakeside Living

Did you know that Hamilton is the waterfall capital of Canada? It’s true! Even as a “Steel town,” this city encompasses some gorgeous natural landscapes that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find here. With lush nature all around, Hamilton offers plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, including nature trails for hiking, biking, and camping throughout several different conservation areas that intertwine throughout the area. It’s also located right on Lake Ontario offering a picturesque lakeside view.

Thriving Arts and Culture Scene

Hamilton has a thriving arts and culture community, with art-based events held regularly. The Hamilton Art Crawl, for example, takes place on the second Friday of every month. This helps to support local artists by closing off Hames Street North and inviting the public to browse and explore local galleries, studios, and stores, in addition to street activities and live music.

You can also explore the Hamilton Art Gallery or Super Crawl, which hosts 3 days of live music, special guests, street food, and more.

The Loyal Fan Base

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch a football game in Hamilton, chances are you understand just how loyal this city’s fan base is to their beloved Tiger-Cats. Here you’ll find some of the most enthusiastic supporters in Canada, which makes for an exciting experience any time you catch a live game.

Foodie Scene

If you’re a foodie, you’ll be happy to hear that Hamilton’s food scene is really starting to take off! As more people search for areas to live outside of the GTA, this city has been welcoming a modern transformation including a surge of new great spots to eat. Today, you can find something to satisfy just about any craving — Mexican, vegan and gluten-free, gastronomic, French cuisine, and plenty more.

Buzzing Night Life

For those who love an exciting nightlife scene, head down to Hess Village to find all of the trendiest spots in the city. This area includes an interesting medley of old, Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets, great live music, clubs, and food. There’s also James Street North, which plays host to the more artsy night scene, including “hipster” bars and speakeasies.

Excellent Living Options

As Hamilton continues to undergo its recent transformation, there are many new developments emerging all across the city. No matter what your style of living is, you can find it here — from modern downtown pads to refurbished lofts, to luxury living and spacious, rustic apartments.

Hamilton is a city that is really starting to take off. Whether it’s outdoor recreation, the food scene, art scene, shopping, nightlife, or living options — there are so many reasons why we love Hamilton and why you might, too. If you’re ready to explore your options for living in this city, reach out to us today!


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