Top 5 Ways to Adjust to Moving Out for the First Time

Moving Out

Heading out on your own for the first time? Don’t be scared – moving out of your parent’s place and into your own can be exciting and empowering. To ensure that you adjust to moving out for the first time without any hiccups, check out the following tips that will help provide a smooth transition.

Embrace Minimalism

When you’re no longer living under your parent’s roof, it can be quite a shock to learn how much things really cost. The days of opening the fridge to see shelves full of food are long gone. To ensure you don’t run yourself into too much spending after you move out, make sure you live as minimally as possible in the beginning. A couple ways to do this include timing your showers and laundry times to off-peak hours, running your air conditioning and heating only when you need it, and trying to shop at more budget-friendly grocery stores. You don’t have to live like this forever, just until you get a better idea of how much the basics cost and what you can afford.

Create a Budget

Once you’ve spent some time figuring out how much it costs to live on your own, it’s important to put together a budget. This will help to ensure you have enough money each and every month for the essentials – your rent, food, utility bills, and paying back any debt. Putting together a detailed budget will also help you to find the areas you can shave down if you need to, like costly gym memberships or the number of times you eat out a week.

Explore and Socialize

It’s essential to practice relying on yourself when you move out. If you don’t learn how to be self-sufficient, you can quickly turn into a hermit, especially when you don’t have any friends in your new location. So try and get out as much as possible in the first few weeks to meet new people and do new things. Try exploring new restaurants, shops, cafes, or meet-up groups to find like-minded people. Getting out socializing can help you feel more excited about your new living situation.

Create a Schedule of Chores

It can be tempting in those first few months to let everything go a little. Instead of turning into a slob, try to create a schedule of chores as soon as you move in. If you have a roommate, make sure you sit down and create a calendar that you both agree on. This will help prevent any uncomfortable feelings especially if someone doesn’t end up pulling their own weight.

Personalize your Space

One way to feel more comfortable in your new space is to personalize it and make it yours. Decorating is the most exciting thing about getting your own place, so start planning how you can spice up your new pad. It can really make the experience of moving out for the first time much more enjoyable.

When you’re ready to find a new place to live, remember these tips on how to adjust to moving out for the first time. We at CLV Group are both a property management and rental services team, and we’d be happy to help you find your ideal new place. Contact us today!


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