Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, and because of that, they are more than welcome in any CLV Group Apartment! While your home is pet friendly, there are unfortunately a lot of public spaces that don’t allow pets. To help you navigate the pet friendly areas of your neighbourhood, we have compiled the best dog parks in Montreal. Explore these areas where you can just unwind and enjoy a good time with your best friend.

Plateau Mont-Royal

La Fontaine Park
Spacious fenced dog park with benches, tables and shaded areas.
Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Park
Fenced dog park with benches and picnic tables.

Learn more about pet friendly Le Neuville Apartments, located on the Plateau Mont-Royal.


Percy Walters Park
Friendly fenced dog park, with dog water fountain, tables and benches and lighting at night.
Lucien L’Allier Dog Park
Fenced dog park with dog water fountain, benches and lighting at night.

If downtown is your area, check out VIE Apartments for a pet friendly home.


Jarry Park
Fenced dog park located within the large Jarry Park.
Villeray Park
Fenced dog park with a separate area for smaller dogs.

Looking for an apartment in this neighbourhood that will accommodate your pets? Le Mistral Apartments is for you!

Dog parks are the best place to enjoy an afternoon with your dog and for them to meet friends. Of course, make sure to follow the dog park etiquette!


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