Summer is not over yet in Montreal! Make sure to enjoy it while it lasts by trying out the best patios and restaurants. Here are our recommendations for Montreal terraces to be enjoyed with friends.

1. Terrasse Sainte-Ambroise | 5080 rue Sainte-Ambroise

This cute local microbrewery only opens during the months of summer allowing its clientele to sip on their own apricot, raspberry or grapefruit beers. Located along the Lachine canal, this terrace offers games and even allows you to bring your furry friend along!

2. Seasalt & Ceviche | 351 Place Royale

This beautiful terrace located in the heart of the old port offers fresh seafood and great drinks (their white sangria is amazing!) But don’t forget your wallet, because this place does not come cheap.

3. Terrasses Bonsecours | 364 Rue de la Commune Est

For brunch or dinner, this location offers amazing views of the old port. The food is good, the music even better, and you can even extend your meal and stay for the party at night with its many levels all offering different types of music.

4. Hôtel Renaissance | 1250 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa

For a drink after work, or the beginning of a girls’ night out, Hôtel Renaissance’s rooftop terrace offers incredible views of downtown Montreal. They offer a variety of wines and great food to share. You won’t leave this place without taking a selfie with the view in the background!

5. Les Enfants Terribles | 1 Place Ville Marie

Located atop one of the highest buildings in Downtown Montreal, the view you get is not only of the center of the city, but of all the Greater Montreal area. The food, especially their beef tartare will amaze your palate just like the view will shock your eyes!

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Photo: Terrasses Bonsecours. Photo Credits: Aboud Karakala.


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