It’s no secret how valuable student hires are to an organization, so we wanted to reflect on why our students are valuable to us.

✔ Students offer fresh perspectives and new ideas

“Bringing in students is a great way to take on fresh ideas,” says Craig Stewart, Director of Finance who has worked with several student hires, “the students work alongside our finance team directly and look at large data sets to identify areas of risk,” said Stewart, “we’re not just teaching them, we can improve our processes based on their ideas, and that has happened – it is empowering to be so young and have impact in a large company.”

✔ Students = Progress

“From a marketing perspective, students offer progressive insight into platforms effective in reaching younger demographics” said Ashley Peeling, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, “this creates value to the company as we continue to grow.”

✔ Students are dedicated to their work and teams

Student placements offer students the opportunity to build new connections and showcase their abilities. “Having  students, even short term, is a great influence on the team,” said Stevee-Anne Bates, Sales Manager, “Our students go the extra mile and this has had a very positive impact on their peers.” Allicia Draper, Senior Recruiting Specialist speaks to their loyalty, “I have learned that our students are extremely committed to their work and their teams. They understand the value they bring to our company.”

✔ Students introduce new ways to leverage technology

“The newer generation is more technologically advanced than any other generation,” said Stewart, “they are able to understand technological concepts better than previous generations, and if they find a concept that works, they can then teach us so we can utilize that technology in future projects.”

Thank you to our students. We appreciate you and value your contributions.

We offer real jobs with real responsibility, and our students have a voice from the day they start. With access to senior managers and a collaborative workplace, short work terms provide a lot of value that is mutually beneficial.

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