There is no better place to sip on a coffee with the cutest surroundings than in the Plateau Mont-Royal. There are so many coffee shops to choose from close to Le Neuville Apartments so here are our top recommendations.

Café Reine Garçon | 611 Duluth East
This coffee shop will make you feel at home. Not only do they have one of the best coffees in town, refined with a natural hint of cocoa, they also have new alternatives for you to try such as oat milk. Special points for their friendly staff.

Maison des Cyclistes | 1251 Rachel East
This coffee shop also acts as a prime spot for cyclists: at the back is a cyclo-tourism agency where you can book bike tours and buy cycling accessories and maps. Whether you like your coffee traditional or are a fan of soy and almond milks, this is the place. They offer a wide selection of tasty food such as salads, ciabatta sandwiches, quiches, pastries, etc. Dare to try their lavender brownies or lavender latte!

Le Club Espresso Bar | 3801 Saint-Denis
The name says it: it is all about espresso in this coffee shop and it is delicious. Highly recommended to get that needed kick on a Monday morning. You will fall in love with the modern yet trendy décor. Plus, this one also offers bike repair services and products for bikers.

Café Melbourne | 4615 Saint-Laurent
The cute decor of this coffee place is not its only charm, literally. Here, you can get your coffee topped with Lucky Charms! What a way to reminisce your childhood.

Mamie Clafoutis | 3660 Saint-Denis
You will enjoy the coffee at Mamie Clafoutis but it is not why you will go there; the pastries are! This bakery will charm you with its delightful croissants and its many other treats.

The Plateau, home to Le Neuville Apartments, is filled by some of the best coffee spots in all Montreal. Discover our available suites next to Parc Lafontaine here.


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