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Mike Forani

Property Manager

Why did you choose a career in Property Management?

I’ve always been interested in Real Estate and the career potential within the industry. Working in Property Management allows you to learn and improve your professional skills every day. The environment is fast-paced, team-focused, and challenges me daily.

How did your University background lead to a career in property management?

I graduated from the University of Guelph majoring in Real Estate. The program helped build my knowledge and understanding about Real Estate finance, development, economics and accounting. Leadership and management courses at the University of Guelph were also directly of value in leading my team.

What makes being a Property Manager fulfilling?

Achieving quick goals and working closely with people to get things done is a good way to stay motivated and engaged. Every day is different when working through new challenges and serving our residents.

How does your work impact the organization?

Property Management is like running a business. All the moving parts contribute significantly to the daily success of your properties. The direct daily accomplishments of my team impact the organization and our residents.

What motto do you live by?

Treat everyone like they’re your neighbour!

Kimberli Elliott

Property Manager

How has your career evolved at CLV Group and InterRent REIT?

I joined the company in 2009 as an Administrator in the Kingston office. After a short period of time I was promoted to Property Manager in the Kingston, Belleville and Trenton region. In 2013 the opportunity arose for me to move to Ottawa to manage some of the InterRent REIT properties in that city. Having a career such as this and working for the organization has taught me that we are never too old or “smart” to learn something new, everyone comes to the table with their own experiences and education. I have never felt so rewarded and accomplished as I do working with CLV Group and InterRent REIT.

How does your work impact the organization?

As Property Managers, our role is to ensure the buildings are maintained and our residents and staff are happy. Beginning my career in the Administrator and Maintenance roles has allowed me the knowledge and experience to play an integral part within the company.

What makes being a Property Manager fulfilling?

My role is a never-ending learning experience. Every day is different and every resident is different. Each resident is an individual with individual needs and getting to know them, helping with anything they may need and watching them walk away happy is a feeling that cannot be compared.

As an avid gardener – what is your best piece of gardening advice?

Love your garden! Your plants are a living being, water and sun are not enough. Be part of your garden and treat your plants with respect and care, but most importantly, have fun. I enjoy spending time in the garden and as plants start to peek through the snow in the Spring, it brings a new sense of excitement and wonder.

Chad Loikets

Property Manager

How did your University background lead you to your career in property management?

I attended Carleton University and towards the end of my studies I began thinking more deeply about what industries I would like to join. I decided I wanted to get into an industry where I could learn how to invest and manage Real Estate. I knew learning these skills from an organization with a growth oriented business model, like CLV Group and InterRent REIT, would provide opportunities that would last a lifetime.

Why CLV Group and InterRent REIT?

One of my goals was to work for a reputable publicly traded company. InterRent is a publicly traded REIT which generates a healthy working environment by stimulating new opportunities due to constant growth. Working for InterRent REIT allows me to manage a large portfolio. Through training and general growth of the organization, I have been able to expand my skills and explore new opportunities.

How does your work impact the organization?

There are various responsibilities of a Property Manager as we wear many different hats. We need to ensure that our residents are satisfied with our services and have a positive experience. Our operations team is the front line of the organization and interacts with our residents daily.

As someone hailing from Chicago, what is better – Chicago deep dish pizza, or poutine?

Hmm, how can such a simple question be so complicated! Well a few years ago when I first moved to Ottawa, I may have said poutine was better. However, I am missing that Chicago style pizza, so I am going to go with that. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Jennifer Boyd

Regional Property Manager

Why CLV Group and InterRent REIT?

CLV Group has always had a great reputation within Ottawa’s property management circles. When first interviewing with the company I took the opportunity to ask several employees about how long they had been with the company, to which most answered 10-15 years, to me that kind of longevity from multiple people throughout departments, speaks volumes about the culture. To work with InterRent REIT, a public company, there was an opportunity to learn a new aspect of the industry.

How does your work impact the organization?

Everyone’s work here, regardless of position, has great impact either on the product or the service we provide to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing clean and safe accommodations complete with outstanding service.

What makes being a Property Manager fulfilling?

Being in an industry which is constantly changing and evolving is very exciting. There is always something new to learn which prevents the role from becoming stagnant. I enjoy being part of a team, especially one committed to bettering communities. Great satisfaction comes from helping deliver a high level of service to our residents.

What motto do you live by?

Work hard and good things will happen.

Interested in a career in Property Management? Find our more at www.clvgroup.com/careers 


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