The Top 5 Ways to Explore Your New Neighbourhood


Just moved into a new area? Eager to explore it? If you’re not sure how to get to know your new locale best, here are our top five ways to explore your new neighbourhood to help you get familiar with it in no time.

Take a Bike Ride

A quick and easy way to get more familiar with your new neighbourhood is to take a bike ride around the area. On a bike, you’re more flexible, which means you can stop and explore more of a particular spot whenever you want to. Many cities also have rental bikes and a network of cycling maps online that you can download and print to help you get around more easily.

Join a Meetup

Another handy way to get around and check out your new hood is by joining a Meetup group. is a very popular site where neighbours can get together to do explore, enjoy and discover different things together. There’s one for virtually every city across Canada and most towns, too. It’s a fun way to discover your neighbourhood and make new friends at the same time.

Arrange a Weekly Crawl

Now that you’ve got a new friend or two from your meetup, a fun way to explore your new neighbourhood is to arrange a fun “crawl” each week. You can change it up between a coffee shop crawl, a restaurant crawl, a clothing shop crawl, a pub crawl, and whatever else tickles your fancy. Try using mapquest to find all the locations nearby and then using their route planner function to get an easy-to-use map for your crawl.

Visit the Information Center

Many towns and cities will have an information center that can also help you discover your new area. Here you’ll find maps, information about the neighbourhood, and details about the local services and amenities. And there’s often a helpful staff member available to answer all the questions, tell you all about the must-see landmarks, map out the top-rated entertainment and culinary experiences, and provide insight to all the exciting activities in the area.

Use TripAdvisor and Yelp

If you’re trying to figure out all the cool things available in your new neighbourhood, then we recommend jumping online and checking out TripAdvisor and Yelp. These services allow you to check out reviews and ratings of restaurants, local amenities and attractions.

No matter where you’ve relocated to, it’s always worth taking some time once you’ve settled in to explore the neighbourhood and learn more about your new area. Use these tips to inspire you to get out, find some cool new spots in your hood and meet new people.

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