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Annuradha Gulati

Senior Financial Analyst

What drew you to the world of Finance/Accounting? 
Since a very young age, I was taught to be wealth smart which led to my curiosity with numbers and analysis. I think everyone should have an interest in finance as it is an integral part of our daily life.
Why InterRent and CLV Group?
I have always had an interest to learn and to be a part of the real estate industry and this opportunity came at the right time for me. I enjoy being part of a growing organization, having a voice and involved in the decision making process.
How did you get your career start and what was your journey?
As most of us may already know, being an immigrant in Canada and finding the first job is always challenging. It took some time and perseverance before someone believed in me and gave me that first chance. I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors who gave me the chance to grow and expand my knowledge base in my areas of interest.  I have worked in many different areas of finance and accounting, which has helped me to understand my job more thoroughly.
What motto do you live by?
My core belief is not just to be interesting but also to be interested.

Catherine Wood

VP Talent Development and Recruiting 


How long have you been in this role?
My role has evolved and expanded within the company. I have been working with InterRent and CLV Group for over 6.5 years with a focus on recruitment and with added responsibility over the last 3 years in support of talent development initiatives.
Why InterRent and CLV Group? 
I have the opportunity to be creative, build and implement new ideas and help others reach their full potential. Real estate is dynamic and our business model continues to evolve and change and present new opportunities for others. I enjoy meeting new people who are looking for a change or a new challenge. We care about our residents and our teams are dedicated to helping others. We can have a direct positive impact with what we do every day and that is empowering. As a company, together we measure our success by what we give back to our communities.
What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in real estate?
I have been fortunate to learn and grow through a variety of roles over more than 25 years. Past sales and management positions have given me a skill set that is transferable. My advice to someone interested in real estate is don’t make any assumptions about what you can or cannot do. Believe in yourself and work hard to create value in any position you are given. Be open to continuous learning. There are many types of positions and career pathways in our industry to explore.
Best travel experience so far?
Fly fishing in New Brunswick. It was fun to try something new and the riverbeds are beautiful.


Tracy Ouellette

Regional Sales Manager – Quebec and Ontario

Where did you start at CLV Group and how did your career evolve?
I began my journey with this company 15 years ago as a Leasing Administrator then transitioned into the sales department as a Rental Agent. CLV Group has offered me so many opportunities to grow and test my ability to try new things. I am now the Regional Sales Manager for Ontario and Quebec.
 Why InterRent and CLV Group?
I have seen the company through remarkable growth. I find it really rewarding seeing the company and the teams reach their full potential. There are so many exceptional and influential people at all levels of this company who are a part of my support network that I turn to for advice. The best part of my career has been that it allows me to have fun where I work and be supportive to my teams.
What career advice would you give yourself if you could go back?
If I told myself 15 years ago that I would be leading a remarkable sales team at a multi-million dollar real estate company after graduating in Human Kinetics “Kinesiology” I would not believe it. I would tell my younger self to follow what you are good at and take the time to get to know people and become an excellent listener. Focus on bringing value to the team you’re on, making what you own a success and love what you do.


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