Renting vs. Owning & Why to Take Pride in Your Rental [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does it ever feel like everyone around you is trying to buy a house? Do you ever feel like that’s something you should be saving for?

Does it make sense for you? Is it worth it?

Did you know that you are under no obligation to buy a house in your lifetime?

Sure, home ownership works for some people, you know – that established family with 2.5 kids, a golden retriever, and a minivan – but there are a lot of reasons it just is not an option for some people.

More people than ever are renting today – especially young professionals in Metropolitan areas – but renting does not carry the same sense of pride as owning does. There is a lack of pride as a renter, but there shouldn’t be. There are several benefits to renting and many ways to earn equal or greater investment equity over time without ever owning a home.

Here are some reasons you should be proud to rent, and why home ownership is more than just a mortgage.

CLV Group Rent vs Own Infographic_Page_1

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