CLV Group’s Energy Management team in conjunction with LIV Apartments recently introduced the addition of a cogeneration system to the already impressive lineup of sustainable initiatives. As a leader in energy management within the rental market, the new system will be one of the first in a residential building within the City of Ottawa. The technology will effectively increase energy efficiency at LIV Apartments and decrease energy consumption overall.

Traditionally, most buildings rely on separate sources for electricity and heat. This is usually in the form of electricity from the city’s grid and natural gas to fuel the boiler system. Cogeneration systems combine the production of both into one efficient system.

Cogeneration systems, also known as combined heat and power systems (CHP), are commonly found in colleges, hospitals, and industrial campuses. CHP systems are powered by a fuel source to simultaneously produce electricity and thermal energy.  The system takes the fuel source to power a turbine. That turbine generates electricity and also expels heat. Normally, that heat would be exhausted, similar to a car engine exhaust, but with a CHP, the heat is harnessed and recycled into other energy sources for the building.

LIV Apartments will use the new CHP system in conjunction with the existing system to supplement energy production while decreasing overall energy consumption. The 2 year project will essentially recycle the energy by-product from the CHP generator and will help with the heating needs of the building without needing to always utilize boilers, which would traditionally do the job. This means that the building will use less energy over all to meet the same heating and electrical needs.

The new system is set to launch in Summer 2018 and the expanding Energy Management team will continue to work on new and ongoing projects. We couldn’t be more excited for the project and to turn LIV into an even more energy efficient building! Find out more about our energy initiatives here, or stay updated through our blog for more.

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